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Boy Has Cutest Reaction When His Lost Pit Bull Returns Home

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on March 26, 2021

There’s no bond like that between a boy and his dog. But what happens if that beloved dog goes missing? Most families say confidently that their dog will never run off, but it happens much more than we realize.

A family in Polk County, Florida was devastated when their gray Pit Bull named Bruiser disappeared. They tried everything they could to lure him home, but nothing worked. Just when they were about to lose hope, they got the news they’d been waiting for. And the best part of the pup’s return was the 10-year-old boy’s emotional reaction. The video will melt your heart!

Lost Pit Bull Bruiser
Image: Jamie Bandy Facebook

A Runaway Pit Bull

The Bandy family has two dogs who are important family members. Jamie Bandy’s son Tyler shares an especially close bond with Bruiser the Pit Bull. So, when Bruiser was lost, the family was devastated.

Jamie explained that Bruiser ran off on January 4th, 2021 while he chased a bunny. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t catch him. So, they pulled out all the tricks to track him down. They made social media posts, called animal control, and even left a towel out so he would smell them. But sadly, nothing worked.

Soon, the family feared they would never see Bruiser again. They slowly lost hope. But then, exactly two months from the day Bruiser went missing, Highlands County Animal Control called Jamie and shared some life-changing news. They found Bruiser!

Pit Bull looking over shoulder
Image: Jamie Bandy Facebook

Luck was on Their Side!

Someone saw Bruiser and picked him up, bringing him to animal control. Staff at the animal services office realized that Bruiser looked familiar, so they did some digging on Facebook. They confirmed that the found dog was Bruiser, so they shared the good news with his family.

But Jamie wanted to keep the news a secret from Tyler so she could surprise him. She recorded a video of him entering the house while she held onto Bruiser. Once Tyler was inside, she let go of Bruiser, who ran to the boy alongside the family’s other dog. When Tyler saw the sweet Pit Bull, he stopped in his tracks. He tossed the snack he was holding off to the side and fell to his knees. He cried happy tears and hugged the pup tightly. The entire time, Bruiser wagged his tail like crazy.

Pit Bull and boy reunited
Image: Screenshot, @HighCoSheriff/Facebook

While this story had a very happy ending, not all of them do. It’s important to get your dog microchipped and keep identification tags on them as much as possible. That way, it’ll be much easier for them to return home. It’s also a good idea to spay or neuter your dog to ensure they don’t bring more unwanted dogs into this world. Even if your dog is usually well-behaved, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Watch the Heartwarming Reunion Below:

Featured Image: Jamie Bandy Facebook and Screenshot, @HighCoSheriff/Facebook

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