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BREAKING NEWS: Scientific Discovery In The Amazon Shatters What We Know About Dogs & Cats

On a recent expedition in the Amazon region of South America, scientists captured a photo of a never before seen animal. The photo records what is believed to be the first documented proof that dogs and cats are one and the same. While we have bred domesticated dogs and cats to be mutually exclusive, this photo disproves what science has believed all along.

iHeartDogs was fortunate enough to obtain an exclusive interview with Harvard professor Dr. Diego Gilberto, the lead scientist on the expedition. He told us, “This discovery might just provide evidence that dogs and cats are the same species. It’s important to note that this is not a mixed breed. Rather, it shows that cats and dogs evolved from the same animal.” This discovery turns upside-down the previously held notion of these, in fact, being two separate species. “No longer can we identify dogs as canis lupus familiaris and cats as felis catus,” Dr. Gilberto went on to say. As the discoverer of this rare animal, Dr. Gilberto is naming it hoc est iocus, which means barking kitty.

The discovery was made while Dr. Gilberto’s group was exploring the Amazon, researching the lost civilization of the Incas. While searching for the Seven Cities of Cibola, Dr. Gilberto and his team captured the rare glimpse of this previously undiscovered animal.

Map courtesy of Google Maps

While the cause of the perfect symmetry was still unknown to Dr. Gilberto and his team, it is thought that the evolution of this animal may have been caused by a need of the species to both be functional and hearty like a dog and aloof and unpredictable like a cat.

Exclusive photo of el wilecoyota

The Incan civilization had been rumored to worship a strange beast that was described as half dog, half cat. The “Wilecoyota,” as the Incan’s called it was revered for its beauty, but also feared for a voracious appetite for Incan sandals and string.  While this creature was thought to be mythical, Dr. Gilberto’s discovery proves that there are many undiscovered marvels just waiting to be found.

I always thought of myself as a dog person. Now, I guess I’m a cat person, too. Right? This is such a confusing time.
-Gavin LaRen, expedition team member

Major media outlets have only just now been granted access to Dr. Gilberto’s discovery. A massive expedition is expected to begin in the next few months to see if this once undiscovered beast can be domesticated. Las Vegas Resorts LLC has already expressed interest in a possible show involving a well known pair of tiger-loving illusionists. Tickets will be going on sale soon.


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Written by ScottH
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