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Caring Vet Goes Above And Beyond Helping This Badly Burned Pup

A dog was badly burned in a house fire last year when his family was unable to get him out. Miraculously, he was able to eventually escape on his own but with severe burns.

Taka was taken to Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia, about two hours outside of Atlanta. This amazing boy was treated for extensive burns all over his body. The majority of the injuries occurred on his face and head.

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They Will Stop at Nothing for Taka

Taka has undergone many surgeries so far. He has had debridements, a procedure where dead skin is removed and the wound is cleaned. Skin grafts have been done which have allowed Taka to blink again, though the damage to his eyes has left him with significant vision loss.

The animal hospital has stopped at nothing to help Taka overcome his injuries. He has been treated by specialists, including specialists from the burn unit at Doctor’s Hospital, who have come to assist in his surgeries. They have even come to him so that he doesn’t have to be transported and subjected to additional stress. When Taka’s pain became difficult to control, the staff at Care More Animal Hospital took him to a specialist in South Carolina who was able to make Taka more comfortable.

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The community has raised money for Taka’s care and they have even donated things like jackets, blankets, and socks for his feet. Taka was cold due to his IV pain medication so the comfort of a warm jacket meant the world to him.

A New Family and Another Chance at Life

Taka’s original family determined they were unable to give him the proper care that he needs. They made the gut-wrenching decision to find him another home so that he could continue to flourish. This determined baby was ultimately adopted by Crystal Lesley, a woman who has been by Taka’s side since day one at the hospital. She works at Care More Animal Hospital and has cheered Taka on since his road to recovery began.

The little warrior seems to be adjusting just fine. He had a visit with Santa and was even spoiled with Christmas presents from his new family.


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You can follow Taka’s journey of recovery and his new life on his personal Facebook page. He is currently training to become a therapy dog when he isn’t busy keeping his mom company at work.

h/t: Care More Animal Hospital

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Written by Mariah Hammond
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