Before Getting A Dog Part I: What To Think About

Getting a dog is one of the most exciting adventures in life, so congratulations on the decision to grow your family by four furry paws! We love dogs and want to help you give your pooch the best life ever! There’s so much to think about before getting a dog, but don’t worry. This two-part guide is designed to help you on your journey to bringing a dog home. We aim to answer any questions you might have about adopting … Read more

Aspirin For Dogs: Uses, Dosages, And Side Effects

Nothing is worse than seeing your dog in pain. It makes us want to do anything we can to lift their spirits and soothe their discomfort. In some cases, aspirin for dogs may help greatly. But like all medications, you shouldn’t use it as an easy way out. Instead, consult your vet and find out if aspirin is the right approach for your dog. Aspirin is often the go-to way to relieve pain for humans. Yet, dogs won’t always react … Read more

Grain-Free Dog Food: Everything You Need To Know And More!


With countless dog food brands and recipes out there, it can be hard to know what you should be feeding your pup. First and foremost, you should always work with your veterinarian when it comes to making any dietary changes. For dogs with allergies or particular nutritional or weight loss needs, grain-free dog food may be recommended. If you’re considering switching your dog’s food to grain-free, there are many factors to consider. Here’s everything you need to know about this … Read more

Dog Diarrhea: Firm Up Your Knowledge On Runny Poop

It’s a real poop when a case of dog diarrhea strikes. Stinky poo puddles signal upset in your sweet dog’s tummy and that leaves a dog parent not only feeling sad, but worried. With so many causes for diarrhea in dogs, it’s hard not to feel concern. But, diarrhea in dogs is a common occurrence and most cases can be solved at home with some simple steps. So, bag-and-toss your worries when it comes to dog diarrhea; we’ve got piles … Read more

Homemade Dog Food: Get Cooking For Your Good Looking Hound

Dogs enjoy a good meal, and what better way to show your pup love than making him a big bowl of homemade dog food? Especially when it’s prepared by your hands and made in your very own kitchen. But be aware: making homemade dog food isn’t as simple as tossing a T-bone in your pup’s dish and calling it a night. Dogs require specific nutrients to maintain good health. And while store-bought dog food is easy and formulated for complete … Read more

5 Health Problems That Could Be Caused By Your Dog Food

When your dog gets sick, do you ever consider it could be the food in his bowl that is bringing him down? We often place blame for illness on issues like exposure to other sick pups, genetics or sensitivities, but the truth is your dog’s diet is the cornerstone of his overall health. You place a lot of faith in the can or bag of food you pull off the shelf, but it could be time to switch to food … Read more

Why Does My Dog Drag His Butt On The Ground?

As embarrassing as it is, we’ve all had to deal with a dog scooting their butt on the carpet before. It’s an action many dog parents are quick to stop, but not always considerate about. When a dog scoots their butt, they’re not trying to deface your flooring or make you cringe. Odds are, they’re experiencing something uncomfortable that they can’t tell you about. So, as unsettling as butt-scooting can be, take it easy on your dog. The sooner you … Read more

Hypoglycemia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Having a diabetic dog made me very aware of what causes hypoglycemia and how to treat for hypoglycemic (hypo) episodes.  Before diabetes I did know that toy breeds were prone to hypoglycemia, but I never did a lot of research on the issue.  Since working with dogs and their humans I have learned that there are many more reasons dogs can become hypoglycemic. What is hypoglycemia? A dog’s normal blood glucose levels are 70 – 120 mg/dL (3.8 – 6.6 … Read more

RECALL UPDATE: Aflatoxin Poisoning Leaves Over 100 Dogs Dead And 200 Sick

Midwestern Pet Foods Recall Update

Dog food recalls are critical, especially when so many dogs are falling ill or even passing away because of it. Midwestern Pet Foods is already getting a lot of negative attention due to a continuously growing recall. First, in December 2020, the recall was for nine lots of Sportmix Food with deadly aflatoxin. Then, on January 11th, 2021, the company expanded the recall list to all pet foods containing corn from their Oklahoma plant after 70 pets died. As if … Read more

RECALL: Deadly Aflatoxin Recall Expanded After 70 Pets Die

Sportmix Expanded Recall

2020 ended with nine lots of Sportmix food getting recalled for deadly aflatoxin. At the time, the FDA was aware of 28 deaths and 8 illnesses related to the recall. After further research, more dog and cat food produced in Midwestern Pet Foods’ Oklahoma plant was recalled as well. The recall now includes over 1,000 lots of Sportmix and three other brands. This is an ongoing investigation, so the product list and number of cases may increase as more information … Read more

4 out of 5 Dogs Over The Age Eight Have This Painful Condition, But Hide It Well

Just the thought our dogs suffering silently from hidden pain breaks the heart of any dog parent. Sadly, research shows that 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 8 are suffering from some kind of joint pain. And while we humans have the ability to reach for pain meds and talk to our doctor about symptoms, our precious pups do not. In fact, dogs are quite good at keeping their joint pain a secret. Why do dogs hide signs of … Read more

An Easy Trick for Your Dog’s Water Bowl to Greatly Improve Their Dental Health

  Sadly, canine dental disease is an epidemic. And let’s be honest, we know we should be brushing our dog’s teeth daily, but it can be a huge inconvenience, and many former shelter or rescue dogs don’t take well to the routine, since they probably weren’t sensitized to it as puppies. Tragically though, many of our dogs are suffering in silence from dental pain, and may be on the road to more serious organ damage that is linked to periodontal … Read more

RECALL: Pet Food Has 36 Cases Of Aflatoxin Poisoning And Counting

Sportmix Aflatoxin Recall

On December 30th, 2020, Midwestern Pet Foods recalled nine lots of their Sportmix pet food. The food is said to contain potentially fatal levels of aflatoxin in it. Many dogs have already fallen ill or died due to this contaminated food. This recall is still an ongoing investigation. So, the numbers and details could change and expand as new information is discovered. If you feed your dog Sportmix pet food, please be cautious and keep an eye out for additional … Read more

Monitor Your Pet’s Health From The Comfort Of Your Home

Our canine companions are the light of our life, and we will do anything to keep them as healthy as possible. While having a plan of action when they are sick is helpful, preventative care can be an even better line of defense.  So how can you offer your pet the best protection with prevention? Let’s introduce you to a company who is making it easy! Early Detection Can Change Your Dog’s Life Unfortunately, our furry friends are not immune … Read more

Finding Free Peace of Mind Can Help You Save Your Dog’s Life

When your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing we should worry about is how we’re going to pay for our pet’s procedures. Having to choose between saving the one you love and going into crippling debt can be heartbreaking. Sadly, many pet parents are forced to make financial decisions when they should be concentrating on medical decisions. But with a solid pet insurance policy in place, worrying over vet care cost won’t be a gut-wrenching issue. As a … Read more

Syringes: A Thorough Breakdown

Let’s talk about a potentially life-saving device, especially if your pup needs insulin or any sort of injection at home… syringes! We get so many questions regarding syringes, from; “Can I re-use syringes?” to “Can I use these U-40 syringes with U-100 insulin?” to “What is the difference between U-40 and U-100, 1 unit is 1 unit, right”? So, let’s do a thorough breakdown of syringes! U-40 syringes are used for Vetsulin, Caninsulin, and ProZinc insulins. U-40 insulin has 40 parts of insulin per 1 mL … Read more

Fursure Gives You Free Pet Insurance Advice

When your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing we should worry about is how we’re going to pay for our pet’s procedures. Having to make a choice between saving the one you love and going into crippling debt can be heartbreaking. Sadly, many pet parents are forced to make financial decisions when they should be concentrating on medical decisions. But with a solid pet insurance policy in place, worrying over the cost of vet care won’t be a … Read more

RECALL ALERT: Dog Food Company May Have Salmonella Contamination

Albright's Dog Food Recall

While many dog parents choose raw food over kibble due to its health benefits, it’s still possible for raw brands to get recalled. After a report of salmonella contamination, Albright’s Raw Dog Food chose to voluntarily recall select products for everyone’s safety. Salmonella not only poses a risk for the dogs who eat the food, but it can also be dangerous for humans who handle it. Thus, if you have the affected products, it’s important to stop serving them to … Read more

What You NEED to Know Now About Your Dog’s Pancreas

Why is it so important to know what the functions of the pancreas are? Well, the pancreas is a very important organ that does several things for the body to run smoothly. This is especially true if your dog is diabetic. Let’s take a look at what it does. ENDOCRINE CELLS Endocrine cells produce hormones that regulate blood sugar levels; insulin and glucagon. When blood glucose levels increase, the pancreas releases insulin to bring down glucose. When BG is too … Read more

After Dog Dies, Man On A Mission To Require Warnings About Common But Deadly Plant

We do everything in our power to keep our dogs safe. But our first line of defense is knowledge. We cannot protect our dogs from dangers we know nothing about. One man learned this lesson the tragic and heartbreaking way. He let his dog Sofie into her own backyard and tragedy struck. Sofie lost her life because of a life-threatening toxic plant her human knew nothing about. It is a dog parent’s worst nightmare. Now that man is on a … Read more

RECALL UPDATE: 15 More Brands Recalled For Deadly Aflatoxins

Dogs Outside Winter

Just over a month ago, dog food company Sunshine Mills voluntarily recalled select food due to salmonella contamination and aflatoxin contamination. At the time, it was only a few bags, so dog parents thought they could breathe a sigh of relief. But as it turns out, deadly aflatoxins in dog food are on the rise. Sunshine Mills has since issued more voluntary recalls due to high levels of aflatoxins. Now, 15 additional brands have been affected, some with more than … Read more

Major Pig Ear Brands Linked To A Recent Salmonella Outbreak

Pig ear recall

Once again, pig ears are being pulled from the shelves. After the 2019 warnings to avoid pig ear treats, many dog parents stopped feeding them to their dogs completely. Now, the risk has reappeared again in certain areas with specific brands. Numerous cases have linked select pig ears with a recent salmonella outbreak. While these specific pig ears are no longer in stores, it’s possible that dog parents may have them in their homes. So, if you have any of … Read more

Neglect Is Animal Abuse: Look Out For These Signs Of Neglect

Dog neglect

Animal abuse is heartbreaking. It’s impossible for dog lovers to believe that someone would purposely harm an innocent creature. But animal abuse isn’t always that obvious, especially when it involves neglect. Neglect is a form of animal abuse, and it’s much harder to spot. Some forms of neglect are intentional while others are more subtle. Either way, neglect is just as dangerous as abuse, if not more. Dogs suffering from neglect have to endure long, painful days, weeks, months, or … Read more

Should you home test your diabetic dog? A deep dive into the specifics:

As our friends at PetTest have discussed before, home glucose testing is the greatest tool to get a handle on managing canine diabetes in your dog. Many vets don’t mention the importance of home testing early on — likely because the whole diagnosis can be very overwhelming. Sadly, though, many others just don’t believe that home testing is a good idea (the reasons allude us all). If your child was diagnosed with diabetes, we’re fairly certain that the pediatrician would … Read more

RECALL ALERT: The Real Pet Food Company Has Salmonella Risk

Recall featured

You don’t have to know much about salmonella to realize it’s not something you want in your dog’s food. Many popular dog food brands have been pulled off the shelves temporarily due to a potential salmonella contamination. It often makes dog parents worry and question the quality of their dog’s food, which is why it’s crucial to stay on top of dog food recalls. The Real Pet Food Company has recently issued a new recall as of September 22nd, 2020. … Read more

Why Internal Parasites in Dogs are Becoming More Common

By Dana Mortensen Reviewed by Elizabeth Racine, DVM The subject of “worms” isn’t a favorite one to linger on for most. But according to experts, it might be time for pet parents (and veterinarians) to devote some focused attention to these common—and harmful—parasites. Despite nearly four decades of veterinarians recommending monthly heartworm prevention and the widespread availability of safe, effective treatments for intestinal parasites, recent studies point to an alarming rise in the number of dogs infected with heartworm and … Read more

Park Etiquette 101: Is Your Dog Prepared?

By Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA Reviewed by Stephanie Liff, DVM There’s nothing quite like watching a pack of dogs frolicking together at the park. Spending time at the park helps keep a dog’s socialization skills in tip-top form and can wear out a busy dog in a way that walks around the block can’t touch. Dog play at the park can look intense, but it shouldn’t be a lawless free-for-all. That’s why both dogs and pet parents need to abide by … Read more

Your Dog has Diabetes. Here are the Next Steps:

My dog has what?! Whatever the symptoms were that made you take your pup to the vet, good for you for taking him/her in to see your veterinarian! For most people, the diagnosis is a shock… a HUGE surprise! Who even knew that dogs can get diabetes? The first thing that you do now is breathe. Deep breaths… Next, consider all of your new supplies. If you don’t have any idea of what they should be, we recommend speaking to … Read more

RECALL UPDATE: More Dog Food Products Test Positive For Deadly Aflatoxins

Not more than one week ago I wrote about a recall of dog food products produced by Sunshine Mills. Now, even more Sunshine Mills products have been recalled, but this time the concern is not related to salmonella. The company issued a voluntary recall following a single positive test for elevated aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a mold byproduct that can be harmful and possibly deadly to dogs. An excerpt from the official statement reads: “While no adverse health effects related to … Read more

RECALL NOTICE: Nature’s Menu Super Premium Chicken and Quail Dog Food

No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but here I am with some that’s urgent. Nature’s Menu Chicken and Quail dog food has been recalled due to salmonella risk. A sample of a single 3-pound bag tested by the Georgia Department of Agriculture tested positive for Salmonella. Though other samples tested negative, Sunshine Mills Inc. issued a voluntary recall of all of this particular food on August 24, 2020 out of an abundance of caution. The company’s … Read more