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Man Caught On Camera Tossing Puppies Onto The Side Of The Road

| Published on August 14, 2022

Having surveillance cameras surrounding your home can offer more than just peace of mind. In McClain County, Oklahoma one resident’s security cameras captured not attempted burglary, but a different kind of crime. The footage revealed a man cruelly dumping three puppies onto a gravel road. Not only did he abandon the dogs, he physically harmed them.

The witness, Joe Fleming, described to KFOR what he saw on his security cameras that day.

“[The suspect] opened the hatch and reached in and just started grabbing dogs by their neck and throwing them out the back of the truck.”

KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4/YouTube

The footage is disturbing, to say the least. Police shared images of the offender, asking the public for help identifying him. The results of the investigation were not publicly shared.

You can see clips of the incident below, but be warned the footage depicts animal abuse which may be upsetting to some.

The People Who Cared About The Pups

Though one horrible person showed these dogs cruelty, some went out of their way to show them love. Dana Scott, a partner with Helping Paws Animal Rescue, noted that though this type of mistreatment is awful, it’s sadly not too uncommon. She said:

“In the last eight years, my partner and I have saved probably 1,100 dogs from this exact situation.”

KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4/YouTube

Lucky for them, these three dogs would be saved by Helping Paws. The rescue spayed/neutered and microchipped the dogs. They found foster homes right away, and eventually found forever families too. One adopter, Steve Howard, said he was more than glad to help an animal in need.

“We’ve got a big space out in the country and we like helping animals out.”

The pups’ happy ending comes only as a result of dedicated and caring people like Fleming and those at Helping Paws. It feels uplifting to know there’s a lot of good out there working to counteract the evil. You can donate to help the rescue save more dogs here.

What To Do If You Witness Animal Abuse

Gather any evidence to report to your local animal control agencyIf your area does not have an official animal control agency or you can’t locate their information, call your local police. Police departments sometimes have specific units for animal-related cases. If not, they might be able to direct you to the proper agency.

For violent crimes that are currently in progress, dial 9-1-1.

H/T: Amazing Dog Stories
Featured Image: KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4/YouTube

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