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Certain Seasons Are Tougher On Your Dog’s Joints – Here’s What To Do

| Published on October 6, 2017

As the seasons transition from summer to fall, you may notice a substantial dip in temperature, depending on where you live. You may be saddened to know that the mild weather is coming to an end, or perhaps you’re relieved by the cool breezes that autumn brings. But as you prepare for the change in scenery, you should also think about how it impacts the health of your dog.

Your pup may love frolicking in the leaves, or prancing through the snow. But as she ages, there’s one other thing that you should keep in mind: cool, damp temperatures can really have an effect on her joints.

Like with humans, joint issues commonly develop as dogs get older. Whether it’s arthritis or just a few stiff, achey joints, cold weather seems to exacerbate the problem. Frigid winter temperatures can make moving more painful, and your dog is more likely to be sedentary… which only makes everything worse! But there are a few things you can do in order to alleviate some of your dog’s discomfort.

When the thermometer drops, make sure to keep your pup extra warm with blankets or even a sweater. Consider protecting your pooch’s sensitive paw pads with booties so you can keep your companion moving and joints warmed up by taking him on walks.

You can also add a supplement to your dog’s diet to help support his joint health. Happy, Healthy Hypoallergenic Hip & Joint Soft Chews and Happy, Healthy Advanced Hip & Joint Chews from iHeartDogs are the tasty, effective way to help ease your older pup’s joints into the cold weather months.

Advanced Hip & Joint Chews with Glucosamine, MSM Chondroitin, & Organic Turmeric (120 ct.), $29.99. Each purchase feeds 14 shelter dogs.

These soft chews for dogs provide natural relief from joint distress for improved flexibility, reduced inflammation and strengthened cartilage and joints. Better yet, each purchase does more than provide health benefits for your best friend; it also funds 14 meals for hungry shelter dogs.

Hypoallergenic Hip & Joint Soft Chews, Grain Free, Gluten Free, & Soy Free, $39.99–$64.99. Each purchase feeds 14 shelter dogs.

You loved your dog from puppyhood through adulthood and beyond. Make her golden years the best yet by helping her live life to the fullest as the two of you enjoy deep, everlasting companionship.

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