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5 Herbs, Plants, & Spices For Soothing Your Dog’s Aging Joints

We love our dogs from puppyhood into their golden years, and we want to help ease them into this life stage with as much health and comfort as possible. Just like us, our pups’ joints get stiff and achey as they age, but unlike us, our dogs can’t reach for the pain relievers or supplements themselves. It’s a natural and inevitable part of life, and our dogs depend on us to take care of them and give them everything they … Read more

6 Signs Your Dog Would Benefit From A Daily Joint Supplement

There’s no step-by-step guide on how to ensure your pup lives a long and happy life, and it’s up to you to make decisions for their well-being. You have the support of your veterinarian and other pet professionals, but every question from what training technique to use to how often to trim their toenails is ultimately up to you. It’s a lot of pressure, but deciding whether or not your dog will benefit from a daily joint supplement doesn’t have … Read more

How Gentle Stretches Can Help Your Dog Stay More Limber

Dogs suffer from stiff joints, soreness, and general bodily pain alongside the best of us. Unlike the human members of the family, however, their struggle usually goes unnoticed. The good news is, there’s an easy way you can help your dog ward off pain and feel younger and healthier. Stretching is great for both people and pets. People often underestimate the benefits, but making a daily effort to gently extend and exercise your dog’s muscles will do them a lot … Read more

10 Herbal Supplements To Heal & Nurture Your Dog’s Stiff & Arthritic Joints

You want to help your dog feel better and not be in so much pain, but you aren’t wild about giving them prescription medication for the rest of their life. Or maybe you’re looking for something extra to supplement a medication recommended by the vet. Either way, you’ll be happy to know that there are many different supplements that have been shown to improve pain and joint function in dogs with arthritis. According to PetMD: “By their nature, nutritional supplements (also … Read more

Top 3 Dog Health Issues Supplements Can Help With

For a dog owner, keeping a beloved pet healthy is always a priority. From their teeth and bones to skin and fur, your pup relies on specific nutrients to keep them looking and feeling their best. When your dog doesn’t get enough of those vital ingredients in their regular diet, supplements fill in the gaps. Whether your pet suffers from a specific health issue or you want to prevent future problems, supplementing their diet with certain vitamins and minerals may … Read more

4 Natural Ingredients That Help Nurture & Heal Your Dog’s Joints

As your dog ages, you may notice he’s becoming stiff and slow – the same way people do as they get older. You’ll notice several changes as your puppy becomes an old fella, and you’ll want to respond to the changes the best way you can. In recent years, people have been turning back to nature to find relief from their own ailments, including joint issues as they age. The same can work for finding joint supplements for dogs. The … Read more

Certain Seasons Are Tougher On Your Dog’s Joints – Here’s What To Do

As the seasons transition from summer to fall, you may notice a substantial dip in temperature, depending on where you live. You may be saddened to know that the mild weather is coming to an end, or perhaps you’re relieved by the cool breezes that autumn brings. But as you prepare for the change in scenery, you should also think about how it impacts the health of your dog. Your pup may love frolicking in the leaves, or prancing through … Read more

Is Your Dog Sleeping More Lately? This Could Be Why

It’s common knowledge that cats love to nap, and the fact is, dogs do too! Believe it or not, dogs tend to spend about 12-14 hours a day sleeping … and even more for puppies and seniors! However, too many Z’s can be a sign of an underlying problem. So, how do you know how much sleep is too much for your dog? The quickest and simplest answer is this: you know your dog best, so trust your instincts. You may … Read more

The Reason Why Dogs Slow Down In Cold Weather

The chill of fall can be a welcome change after a long, hot summer, but for dogs with arthritis, cold weather can lead to increased pain and stiffness. Scientific studies indicate that 20 percent of middle-aged dogs and 90 percent of older dogs have osteoarthritis in at least one joint. Factors such as genetics, excess weight and prior injuries further increase your dog’s risk of painful degenerative joint problems. Our canine companions are known for their stoic nature. They seem to … Read more

Don’t Wait for Canine Arthritis To Start, Do These 5 Things Today

Arthritis in dogs is a serious concern. The disease is painful for your pooch and, although not life-threatening on its own, can lead to one serious medical issue that will take years off your pup’s life – obesity. Many people wait until it’s too late to do anything about it. There are a few things you can do to help your dog’s body protect itself against canine osteoarthritis, the form of arthritis that occurs as a result of age, injury … Read more

How Bone Broth Helps Dogs’ Joint Health

It’s the latest superfood fad for people, with the likes of Kobe Bryant swearing by its healing properties, but did you know that bone broth is beneficial for dogs as well? While any dog would appreciate the taste of a hearty bone broth, it can actually benefit their joint health on top of being a tasty treat. There are several nutrients found in bone broth that helps dogs’ joints. The process of boiling bones, especially if joints are included, releases all … Read more