The Reason Why Dogs Slow Down In Cold Weather

The chill of fall can be a welcome change after a long, hot summer, but for dogs with arthritis, cold weather can lead to increased pain and stiffness. Scientific studies indicate that 20 percent of middle-aged dogs and 90 percent of older dogs have osteoarthritis in at least one joint. Factors such as genetics, excess weight and prior injuries further increase your dog’s risk of painful degenerative joint problems.

Our canine companions are known for their stoic nature. They seem to hide their pain from us until it becomes too much to bear. The problem is, the longer arthritis is left undiagnosed, the harder it is to treat.

Cold, damp weather causes arthritic joints to stiffen up at a time when our dogs naturally become less active. This “double whammy” leads to an increase in pain-related symptoms such as slowness on walks, trouble getting up or lying down, difficulty navigating stairs or hopping into the car, limping, lack of interest in exercise – even depression and changes in behavior.

There is no cure for osteoarthritis, but the symptoms can be managed with the right combination of diet, exercise, pharmaceuticals and supplements – so see your vet at the earliest sign of trouble!

Hundreds of supplements promise to work wonders for joint health, but not all products are created equal. The Happy, Healthy Hypoallergenic Hip & Joint supplement is formulated to support normal joint function, flexibility, and healthy joint cartilage – all in a hypoallergenic, tasty treat your dog will love!

Hip & Joint treats feature a unique combination of powerful active ingredients including Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulfate which provide cushion to cartilage; Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) which acts as an analgesic pain reliever; and Creatine Monohydrate which combats the loss of muscle mass that occurs in arthritic patients.

Most joint supplements lose more than half of their nutrient potency during the manufacturing process due to damage from steam, heat and high pressure. Happy, Healthy Hip & Joint treats are made using cold pressure extrusion which preserves 98 – 99% of nutrient viability!

The delicious dark gummy chews are proudly made in the USA and specially formulated to be grain free, gluten free, & soy free, making them a safe choice for most dogs with food allergies and sensitive skin.

And the best reason of all to choose Hip & Joint treats above all other supplements is that they are the only product that gives back to shelter animals! Each Purchase Provides 14 Healthy Meals to Dogs in Shelters!


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