Chow Puppy Looks Like A Bowl Of Cookies & Cream

Just like people before they get tattoos, dogs don’t get to pick the coloring of their coats. Some pups just happen to win the visual lottery thanks to their genetics. For example, there’s a Chow Chow in California with the gorgeous coat coloring of a McFlurry ice cream treat.

This is Chief, aka “Oreo Cloud.” Look at him. See why he’s got the nickname? That characteristic Chow Chow poofiness sprinkled with cookies and cream coloring makes him quite the Oreo cloud indeed!


Chief’s mom, Sara Hamilton, shared photos of the poof ball online. The post got over 22,000 likes in Dogspotting Society. Just like you and me, no one can handle how much this dog looks like a delicious Oreo-based dessert.

“The first thing we noticed about him besides his cute spots is that he loves to cuddle and he will nap on you. He has the loudest snore out of everyone in the household.”

Well, if Chief is a dessert he’s at least the kind you don’t want to eat because it looks too pretty.


He even looks good melted!


Hamilton told Bored Panda this angel entered their lives just before the pandemic kept everyone at home.

“He came to us from Omaha, Nebraska, which is about a 1,700 mile journey to Northern California! We are a recently married couple and we felt this was a great time to add to our little family. He also has a chameleon brother.”

Even though Oreo Cloud is a fitting nickname, Hamilton explained why this dog is clearly a Chief.

“We named him Chief because he will grow to be around 85 pounds and also because he is most definitely a leader, not a follower. He came to us fully potty-trained at 8 weeks and is very well-behaved, he learns quickly!”

Since he was one of the largest in his litter, they expect him to grow a lot. More Oreo Cloud to squeeze!

Chief’s DNA Results


Obviously Chief is a Chow. But his unique look gets a lot of inquiries into his background. The test results confirmed it: Chief is 100% Chow Chow. You can watch a video of Hamilton and Chief exploring his results below.

The coloring on Chief’s coat is due to the merle gene. The dominant merle gene creates mottled patches of color in a solid coat, as well as blue or odd-colored eyes.

Therapy Dog In Training

I can hardly think of a better therapy tool than petting a dog this sweet and floofy. Hamilton confirmed that Chief will train as a therapy dog for children.

“I have a background volunteering with sick kids in hospitals, so I knew that he would be the most amazing therapy dog that would help bring a little joy to those in their darkest moments.”


The COVID-19 pandemic has stalled that process a bit, but classes are on this dog’s horizon. Soon enough he’ll be bringing smiles to sick children!

“Once the world heals and we can resume normal life, we will be taking him to attend a series of basic dog training and therapy classes. Once he is one year old and has taken the essential classes, he can officially take his final test to be certified. Then he will be working weekly visits in children’s hospitals.”

Until then, follow Chief on Instagram for a daily sweet treat on your feed.

H/T: Dog Dispatch
Featured Image: @theoreocloud/Instagram

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