Orphan Fawn Comes To Lady’s Door Every Morning But She Won’t Let Him In

A woman named Beth found an orphaned fawn on the side of the road. His mama was hit by a car and he was struggling to survive on his own. Beth knew if she didn’t help him, he wouldn’t make it.


Beth brought the fawn home where she kept him outside. She fed him and gave him the love and affection he needed. He became so used to the kind woman that he even came running to her when she whistled. Beth named the fawn Copper.

Screenshot via YouTube

If Copper’s human mom didn’t come outside fast enough, he’d linger at the door impatiently. The fawn eventually wanted to stay inside the house with his newfound friends. But Beth knew it was best for him to stay outside so that when he grew up, he would be used to living outdoors.

Screenshot via YouTube

Copper stayed on Beth’s porch where he was most comfortable. There, he bonded with the resident dog, Rocky. Rocky then introduced the baby deer to the other dogs. But Copper always preferred Rocky. As Beth explains in the video, the fawn was like Rocky’s shadow.

Screenshot via YouTube

As Copper grew up, he began to change and so did his habits. He developed into a happy, healthy deer with the cutest little antlers! Don’t cheat yourself out of this one, folks. This story is too good to miss!

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