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Crafty Narcotics Detection Dog Escapes Kennel For A Post-Holiday Break

| Published on January 1, 2020

Look, nobody likes going back to work after a holiday break. Why shouldn’t that sentiment apply to working canines too? At least, that seems to be the mindset of a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois named Hyco who sniffs out narcotics for a living in South Carolina.

On Friday December 27th, Hyco got a little stir-crazy and escaped from his kennel. The Greenville County Sheriff’s office shared his photo on Facebook, hoping someone in the surrounding area would recognize him.

Hyco is shy around new people, though he gets along with other dogs. Brent Haynes, who lives nearby, assured everyone that while he was on his walkabout Hyco had people looking after him.

“If it’s of any help to his handler he slept on my porch last night for a while on a warm bed and had water and a bowl of food. He would not let me get close enough to have a look at his collar . He was nice to my dogs. I saw a few squad cars today so I assumed he was a K-9 and was found.”

Thankfully, the Sheriff’s Office reported that on Saturday morning Hyco had been returned safe and sound.

Belgian Malinois are smart and strong working dogs who love to keep busy. AKC’s description of the breed really sums it up:

“If you have ever seen a Mal perform an obedience routine, you know firsthand what a smart and eager breed this is. Problems set in, though, when this people-oriented dog is underemployed and neglected. Exercise, and plenty of it, preferably side by side with their adored owner, is key to Mal happiness.”

Many Facebook commenters noted how commonly Mals escape from their crates and kennels.

So very happy he was found safe. These dogs are too smart for their own good sometimes. They get bored too easy in their pens and want to explore.” – Jeannine Lockridge via Facebook

“He actually escaped his outdoor kennel. He is a Mal and they can just about chew through anything. Praying he is found safe.” -Christine Peters via Facebook

Growing up my dad was a handler for Anderson City and our Belgian Malinios, Chuck, seemed to always know when Dad was out of town and would use that time to do his “meet and greet” to a far off location. They would bring in the other K9s to track him, and often times it was to a house party where he got endless hotdogs. The tiny police badge on his collar should have been a giveaway that he probably didn’t belong there, but I guess it was a better story to have a (dog) cop crash a party for food and drinks for a change.” – Kati Galman via Facebook

The good thing is, this smart little troublemaker is back with his handlers and ready (in theory) to get back to work. Mal parents take note: these guys would probably be better off living indoors with you. At least you can keep a better eye on their escape attempts that way.


Featured Image: @Greenville County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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