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Delivery Driver Cautiously Approaches Porch Where Pit Bull Is Watching & Waiting

| Published on August 1, 2022

To a dog comfortably resting on his own porch in his own domain, the approaching delivery person can seem like a threat. That’s why there is some truth to the concept of dogs hating mailmen.

It’s a tough thing to avoid, which is why delivery drivers often have to be very cautious approaching homes where dogs are outside. Recently, a Ring camera captured an interaction between a delivery driver and a dog at the home he was delivering to. That footage is something you just have to see.


“Are You Friendly?”

Grace is a Pit Bull who lives in Missouri. One June day, she was sitting on her porch when an Amazon delivery driver named Eric arrived with a package. Grace’s mom Ashley shared the video their Ring camera captured that day on Instagram.

At first, Eric doesn’t notice Grace as he walks toward the front door. Then, startled, he says hello to the Pittie from a few feet away.

“Are you friendly? I feel like you’re not,” he says to her.


He continues to chat calmly with Grace without getting closer and even asks her permission to put down the box on the porch. The whole time Grace remains sitting, just watching him.

“I’m gonna set it for your mom right here, okay? Okay, can I go up here?”


Eric takes a few more tentative steps and sets the package on the end of the porch. Seeing Grace’s calm reaction, Eric gives a squeal of joy, introduces himself, and taps excitedly on the package. It’s almost like that’s all Grace needed.

She stands up and immediately starts gently wagging her tail. Based on her body language and soft approach, Eric realizes that Grace is a “friendly doggie.” And just like that, they’re pals!

“Winning people over one delivery at a time….Hi Eric, I’m Grace.” Ashley captioned the Instagram video.


Not only does this sweet footage defy the dog/delivery driver rivalry cliche, but it also shows that not all Pit Bulls are aggressive.

Watch the whole thing for yourself below:

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A post shared by Ashley Gore (@sweetashleeeeey)

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After Ashley’s video went viral, Eric himself actually commented on her Instagram post.

“howdy, listen your pup went viral ahhhhhh! 😍 she was such a sweetheart when I met her! 💙 can’t wait to go visit her again….”


It seems like Grace has her own special spot on the porch and hangs out there often, so who knows, maybe she and Eric will meet again.

Featured Image: Instagram

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