Disappointed Dog Gets Picked Up By Wrong Human After Grooming

We all make mistakes, but it’s much better when they turn into a silly story rather than a tragic tale. When a woman picked up the wrong dog from the groomer, she was furious at first. But now, her situation has gone viral for being humorous.

Tykesha Cherry picked up her Maltese/Poodle mix from a groomer in Virginia. But when she got to the car, she discovered that the staff member handed her the wrong dog! To make matters more amusing, the dog she took had the grumpiest and most disappointed expression possible.

Maltese mix groomed

An Embarrassing Mix-Up

10-month-old Lucky had quite the adventure during his most recent grooming appointment. When Cherry walked inside, the receptionist asked if she was picking up Bentley, but Cherry quickly corrected them and said that she was Lucky’s mom. As she paid for the service, someone handed her a small white dog.

“I didn’t get a chance to get a good look at him. All I saw was white. I go to the car, and I put him in. He turned around, and I thought, ‘He looks so different. Am I tripping?'” Cherry said.

When Cherry said the dog’s name, he didn’t respond. Instead, he glared at her with the most disapproving eyes. Then, Cherry noticed that his eyes and fur pattern were slightly different from Lucky’s, so something was wrong.

Disappointed dog at groomer

Cherry called her boyfriend, Quinn Young, to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. He confirmed that the dog in the car wasn’t Lucky. As soon as Cherry heard those words, she raced back inside with the pouting pup, whose name is Bentley.

Bentley Becomes Famous!

Everyone at the grooming business was shocked by what happened, and they quickly apologized. It’s an honest mistake that anyone could’ve made, but Cherry and Young have both said they won’t be returning.

“I was like, ‘This isn’t my dog, where’s my dog? Where’s my puppy?’ They were shocked, everybody was in shock,” Cherry said. “I get the mix-up, they’re both white, but I thought they’d have tags in the back or something.”

Maltese mix sleeping

Cherry shared her story on Facebook, and soon thousands of people reacted and commented on it. Most people were amused by Bentley’s expression. They even used his photo for memes and profile pictures.

Later, Cherry added that Bentley was “the sweetest dog” despite his angry eyes. He was very friendly and clingy, but he acted differently than Lucky. She has nothing against the other dog, but she was relieved to be reunited with Lucky again. The experience was likely confusing and overwhelming in the moment, but hopefully, it’s something the family can laugh about now.

H/T: people.com
Featured Image: Facebook

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