Dog Abandoned With Second-Degree Burns Finds Hope

WARNING: Photos feature sensitive content.

A young dog now called Annie was found as a stray in Massachusetts. She was covered in second-degree burns, so she couldn’t have walked far after sustaining those injuries. She also had a collar and leash but no identification tags or microchip. Thus, it seems likely that someone abandoned her after burning her.

Annie’s rescuers are still unsure of her past, but they’re doing everything they can to make sure her future is bright. Being rescued likely saved her life.

Burned dog by pool

Burned and Alone

Annie, who is likely a Beagle mix, had second-degree burns covering 20% of her body. There were burns on her face, neck, shoulders, legs, and stomach. Officials believe the burns were caused by someone pouring hot water on her. The Animal Rescue League of Boston took Annie in and treated her burns.

“My first interaction with Annie was, it was truly heartbreaking,” said Mike DeFina, the communications officer for the Animal League. “To see her in that condition and to see that she sorely needed help, she desperately needed help.”

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The rescue attempted to find Annie’s owner with no luck. Most lost dogs are claimed within 24 hours, but no one has called about Annie yet. Her owners may be the ones who harmed and abandoned her, but authorities don’t want to jump to conclusions.

Annie the burned dog

“It’s not just the burns, but the abandonment,” said Lt. Alan Borgal of the Animal Rescue League. “This is a very cruel abandonment.”

Officials received security footage from a Burger King on Route 1 near where Annie was abandoned, but they have not learned anything about her abuser yet. Just one burn is incredibly painful, so it’s heartbreaking to think how much suffering Annie endured.

Looking to the Future

During her extensive recovery at Tufts Veterinary Emergency Services, Annie has been making great progress. She has since returned to the rescue’s facility in Dedham, Massachusetts. She loves running around the shelter’s play yard, so everyone involved is optimistic about her healing process.

Burned dog's face close up

“Eventually, the hope is that we will find her a new home where she will be loved and cared for,” DeFina said.

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Annie won’t be put up for adoption until she has had more time to recover. In the meantime, the rescue is asking for donations to help fund her care, support the ongoing investigation, and gather money for future emergencies like Annie’s.

If you have any information about Annie’s past, you can contact ARL Law Enforcement at (617) 426-9170 ext. 110 or; or Norwood Police at (781)-440-5100. Annie deserves justice for everything she has been through.

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