Dog At The Center Of “Dog Flipping” Controversy In Good Hands


Zoey is a very friendly dog that loves people but is shy around other dogs. She’s had an interesting week, but thankfully is in good hands. She was with her previous owner, Shannon Cochenour, until Cochenour suffered asthma and allergies from Zoey. She decided it was best for them to part and adopted her out through CraigsList. A woman named Angel Reese took Zoey in, but Cochenour was surprised to see Zoey for sale for $100 on Facebook the very next day.

“I didn’t give the dog to her to do that. I gave the dog to her to take care of,” Cochenour told CBS News. She and others have now accused Reese of “dog flipping,” which is a common practice in which people adopt or purchase dogs only to resell them for a profit. Zoey is now at Steel City Dog Rescue, where the rescue owner, Jacque Roman, says she doesn’t think Reese was trying to make a quick buck. “I think that Angel’s intent was to get the dog off of Craigslist, so that Zoey wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands and be used as a bait dog, or something like that,” said Roman.

Thankfully Roman volunteered to take Zoey in when Reese was overwhelmed with the negative feedback she received from strangers over the dog flipping accusation. Reese is a former animal control officer and has experience with rehoming pets and making sure they are kept safe. Dogs on CraigsList often end up in the wrong hands and Roman thinks Reese’s intention was to prevent that. Zoey has to receive some veterinary treatment, but she’ll soon be available for adoption via the rescue.

Written by Katie Finlay
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