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Dog Gets Into An Argument With A Shadow And He’s Not Backing Down!

| Published on January 27, 2015

Dogs can be really silly sometimes. But that’s one of the things we love about them. Their silliness makes us laugh and smile. In fact, their silliness is one of the things that can brighten up our days! So here’s another hilarious, silly dog moment to make you laugh today!

This Frenchie is out for a walk. His humans know that for some reason, this fella just don’t like shadows; especially the ones that bark at him! So one guy makes a dog shadow using his hand, and had it barking at the dog! The dog’s reaction? Well let’s just say he starts barking, and sort of arguing with the shadow! Watch the adorable video below!

This dog is definitely not backing down! He’s not letting the shadow go! LOL!

Does your dog feel the same about shadows? Leave a comment below to share your story!

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