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Dog Is Super Irritated About Being Called Last for Dinner. Watch What He Does!

How do you give your dogs their dinner?

If you have plenty of dogs, mealtime can be such a chore if your dogs aren’t trained to behave well. You need to have a system so that giving them dinner can be smooth and easy.

Just like this lady in the video below. Imagine having to feed all 15 of those dogs! It’s a good thing that they’re very well-behaved. Plus, she has a cool system in giving them their meals. What she does is she calls their name one by one. So these dogs have to be patient and wait till their name is called so they can eat their dinner. But the dog whose name is called last isn’t too happy about it. Watch what he does when his name is finally called!

Awwww…I thought he wasn’t going to come at all! LOL! Poor baby!

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