Dog Owner Reconstructs Old TV To Make Upscale Dog Bed

Jonathan and his wife have done several DIY projects together, but their most recent one is a fan favorite. Originally planning on creating a fish tank, they purchased an old TV in the hopes to make a neat aquarium out of it. They never did get fish, so instead they created a chic dog bed for their two pooches – Sgt. Buckley and Cy. In an interview with Mashable, Jonathan said that the most difficult part was actually finding a tv that fit the bill and then removing the tv itself from the frame.

After that, though, they simply repainted the frame, added a backboard, fancy stained glass side panels and a comfortable cushion. Thankfully, for inquiring minds, Jonathan posted every single step of the reconstruction on Imgur.

Old-School TV Dog Bed

The final results are spectacular in the looks department. Of course, there’s always the chance that the dogs aren’t fond of the new bed. Thankfully, they both seem to love it. Sgt. Buckley was a little hesitant at first, but once Jonathan put some of his toys in the bed he hopped right in. Cy is a very relaxed dog and is always grateful to have another place to sleep. Jonathan’s cat, Moxxi, also really likes the bed. “Before this bed, they just had regular pet store beds, so this is totally a step up,” Jonathan concluded.

Image source: Jonathan | Imgur

Jonathan says the total time spent on the project was about 20 hours, which was over a month and a half for him. It’s certainly a cool project and the dogs (and cat) seem to love it. Definitely worth the effort and a nice piece of furniture to have in the home, too!

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