Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Who Slept Sitting Up Gets Her First Real Bed


The story of Harriet is one that reminds us that even after physical wounds heal, it’s the emotional scars that linger.

Harriet is a gorgeous black pup that was rescued from a Korean meat farm and taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

After a long, exhausting, and probably frightening journey overseas, this pup was ready to rest. Even though the kind staff at the rescue provided Harriet with a warm, soft bed, she had no idea how to use it… she’d never even seen one before. So, the tired pup began to doze off while sitting up, the same way she’d been forced to in her cold, cramped cage on the meat farm.

“This video shows Harriet falling asleep standing up because she doesn’t understand that she can use the bed provided for her,” the rescue posted on Facebook.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared this video, showing how it’s going to take these pups some time to adjust from their past trauma.

But luckily, Harriet is resilient, as dogs are; it’s one of the things we admire most about them. With a little help, this pup learned, for the first time, the joys of curling up in a nice, cozy bed!

The rescue posted, “She is spending the day in our Volunteer Manager’s office to help socialize her and, don’t worry, she was shown gently how to lay down and rest.”

We hope that Harriet and the other rescued dogs find loving forever homes that provide them with love and soft, warm beds for the rest of their lives.


It wasn’t long before sweet Harriet found her forever home! She even has a new big brother.

“Just weeks ago this Korean meat farm survivor didn’t know how to use a dog bed and now she is taking over the couch,” the rescue wrote in a photo caption on Facebook, below.

We’re so glad that this beautiful girl will be able to enjoy a life full of comfort and love, just like she deserves!

Written by Karen Tietjen

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