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Owners Hoped For The Best, Go On Vacation And Returned To Find Dog Sitter’s Video

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on March 21, 2022

We all enjoy a nice vacation. Some of us are able to take our 4-legged best friends but most of the time, we need to find a trust friend or family member to watch them while we’re away. Well, this story is something that will blew us away! The man in the video below who watches this dog is something that we promise you have never seen before. WOW! Please be sure to ‘SHARE’ this with a friend or family member and pass on the SMILE!

When a dog or cat’s parents leave them with sitters for an extended period of time, they can become susceptible. Seeing new faces and the continual absence of their family makes them nervous. Some begin to worry if they have been abandoned.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Skylar, the adorable Whippet in this video, was very emotional when her parents went on a trip for a few days. They entrusted Skylar’s wellbeing to an experienced dog sitter named James Liakos. But Skylar was still frightened.

Skylar’s pet parents were missing, and he could tell she was unhappy and wanted her pets. He went out of his way to make her feel secure and cherished. In this video, we see James and Skylar enjoy many exciting activities. They spend their days playing together, going for long strolls, and snuggling endlessly.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Skylar, on the other hand, would still remember her “absent” parents and become upset. But James soothes her and assures her that she will see her family again in no time!



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



To relieve Skylar’s family of their concerns about her health, James made this film to update them and put an end to all their anxiety. We must commend James for his kindness in comforting a nervous and lonely pet. This sweet clip serves as a reminder why it is so important that we take our time before leaving our dogs with someone else.


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His Heart Ached So Much After Family Dumped Him, Shuts Himself Down And Cried All Day:


Ritter, a 4-year-old American Bulldog from Indiana, was recently brought to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana. Following bad circumstances that had befallen his family, they surrendered Ritter.


Image/Story Source Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)/Facebook


Ritter’s home, as seen in this photograph distributed by the shelter, has been significantly harmed by this construction. He misses his family too much and doesn’t understand why he must stay in this freezing shelter all the time. His soul has been seeped in anguish and despair. Now that heartbreak and bleak hopelessness have permeated his spirit, he hangs his head in sadness and refuses to make eye contact.



Image/Story Source Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)/Facebook



Ritter will now have a second chance when a wonderful family volunteered to adopt him! His new family promises to heal his broken heart with love and care, making him feel secure and valued once again. Hang in there, Ritter; you’ll be just fine, cutie!


Watch this heartwarming video below and please be sure to SHARE it with a friend or family member!




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