Dogs Anxiously Awaited Their Human Brother’s Arrival, And Just Look At Them Now

Sometimes we choose our dogs. Sometimes, our dogs choose us. Other times, though, families like this happen, and you know it could only be fate that brought you together!

Brego and Nami were already a family when their mom began to get a little bigger around the middle. Whether they knew it or not, these sweet Weimaraners were about to get a new addition to their little family!

When the day finally came to meet their new brother, it was perfect- you can tell just by looking that he was the piece of their puzzle that they didn’t even know they were missing!

Since then, they’ve been inseparable – particularly Brego and his new brother!

This boy is so lucky to get to grow up with such amazing dogs from day one!

Who could be a better brother than a dog? There to watch TV with, play with…

Nap with…

Cheer you up when you’re down…

And keep the bullies at bay!

Dogs are truly man’s best friend – before men are even men! This little boy doesn’t just have a family, he has a pack! Watch them all grow together on Instagram @frametheweim!


Featured Photo: @frametheweim/Instagram

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