Dog Has Priceless Reaction To Fake Phone Call Featuring Her Favorite Words

There’s no denying that dogs are some of the smartest animals out there — and a recent video shows that they do, in fact, know their favorite words. 

The adorable video, posted on Instagram by user Rosieandmack, opens with a 5-year-old Dachshund named Rosie sitting on a bed. Her mom begins a fake phone call using all of Rosie’s favorite words like “grandma,” “treat,” “car ride,” and “walk,” as the pup turns her head back and forth with an excited look on her face. She also reacts to words like “stick,” “chicken,” and “outside.”

Image: Rosieandmack/ Instagram

Staging a fake phone call using your dog’s favorite words is now a viral trend on TikTok. This specific video garnered national attention and nearly 4,000 likes due to its pure cuteness. 

“Oh my gosh that side-eye at ‘stick’,” posted one viewer. “Aww, she loves her grandma,” wrote another. “This sweetie pie needs to get everything that was listed!” suggested a third. “This is the best thing ever. Her ears and head tilts and side-eye…” commented a fourth.

Clearly, Rosie has a lot of favorite things to do — and now her mom got her all riled up for the sake of the cute video. Luckily, this pooch gets spoiled with all of her favorite things daily, as shown on her Instagram page

“You can literally see the lil gears in her head turning while trying to decode the message,” another viewer posted on the video. 

Image: Rosieandmack/ Instagram

After sharing the video, Rosie’s mom posted another video with one of Rosie’s favorite people: her grandma. Rosie is shown cradled in her grandma’s arms, giving her kisses and taking in all the attention. 

Another video of the pair shows Rosie lying down next to her grandma and howling at her. It’s clear that the two share a special bond — especially since she turned her head so much when she heard “grandma” during the fake phone call.

The trend has people across TikTok checking out what their dogs do when they say their favorite words. Does your dog have some favorite words? They’re likely to behave the same as Rosie did when her mom staged the fake phone call using her own favorite things. 

The head-turning video has warmed people’s hearts all over — and if anything, it just goes to show how smart and observant our pups can really be. 

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Featured Image: Rosieandmack/ Instagram 

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