Dozens Of Dogs Set For Euthanasia Find Foster Homes Just In Time For Christmas

The Christmas spirit is alive and thriving at one North Dakota animal shelter. The Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot, North Dakota recently gave the best gift of all – another chance at life and love!

Although the shelter is currently under renovation which has lessened its capacity, they welcomed 33 new dogs and cats from Oklahoma in their biggest rescue operation to date. The animals were slated for euthanasia back in the Sooner State so the folks at Souris Valley reached out to their community for help.

An Act Of Kindness That Even The Grinch Would Love

Thankfully a Christmas miracle happened that even the Grinch couldn’t help but smile about! Nearly 100 local volunteers and fosters stepped up to help make the epic rescue happen. Without them, it would not have been possible.

“Unfortunately due to the fact that we’re working out of a temporary shelter we really need our community’s help to be able to pull this off. We had about 25 new fosters, and dozens of volunteers come out to help us,” said Katie Taylor, assistant director of development.


“All these dogs that we got were actually on the euthanasia list so right there, just being able to save them from being euthanized, being young healthy dogs. That in itself was enough for me to say it was a success,” Sarah Brosseau, animal health assistant director, told KFYR.


Their Christmas Wish Is For Warm Beds, Full Bellies, And Endless Love

These lucky pups were world-class travelers who were just ready for their next adventure.

“All of them were actually very, very sweet. I was very impressed with their demeanors when they did get off the truck. You never quite know what you’re getting when they spend that long in the back of a vehicle,” said Brosseau.


The veterinarian who received the furry friends said that they were all in good health when they arrived. These furbabies won’t have any trouble finding their furever families in time for Christmas. In fact, six of them have already been adopted and several of the others have pending applications!

If that doesn’t make you howl “fa-la-la-la-la,” I don’t know what will!

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter is continuing their mission of helping dogs find families of their own – or at least a warm bed – before the freezing months ahead. We hope Santa brings these little guys plenty of treats but most importantly, A LOT of love!

Featured Photo: @svaspets/Facebook

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