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Escape Artist Dog Caught on Camera Showing Up Houdini Himself

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on September 14, 2019

A small dog in Brazil kept mysteriously escaping day after day. The resourceful boy was somehow getting out of the massive gate surrounding the family’s home. His mom would come home every day and find that Pingo had been gallivanting around town.

“I don’t know when it began. All I knew was that he was getting out when the gate was closed,” Albertina Fogaça told The Dodo.

An Undercover Mission to Solve the Mystery

Pingo’s mom, Albertina Fogaça, decided to do some surveillance and see just exactly how this little “Hound-ini” was doing it. She started recording from a window behind Pingo. The sneaky pup gave up his secrets as soon as he thought the coast was clear! 


He took a few leaps in the air until he got a good footing between the gate and the wall. Then he stuck his fuzzy little head out of a tiny hole in the gate. He somehow defied physics and got a leg through the same hole. Shortly after, another leg. The mischievous little Pingo then wiggled and pulled his body through until his hind legs shot through the hole. Then voila! Off he went to enjoy the day.


“I thought he was going to get stuck, but he managed to pass through,” Fogaça told The Dodo. “My jaw dropped.”

I guess he never was told that a good magician doesn’t reveal their secrets!


So What’s Next for the Hound-ini?

Pingo’s mom says he has always come back home each day under one condition- he has to be let back in. Apparently his sorcery only works one way and he is unable to get back in the way he comes out.

As for Pingo’s punishment? Well, there’s not any. Pingo’s mom is more impressed with his intelligence and ingenuity more than anything! She says the most frustrating part is having to deal with whatever mess Pingo comes home with. Apparently the little contortionist likes to roll in the mud and who knows what else! Can you really blame him for spending his few hours of freedom just living life to the fullest?

Our four-legged friends might be more keen on magic tricks than we think. Shelter dogs were wowed by a magician’s tricks last year as he made things disappear before their eyes. They seem to be just as amazed by the seemingly impossible as we are!

Take a look at the video of Pingo here and tell us what you think!

h/t: The Dodo
Featured Photo: LADBible

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