Forget Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck. Meet This Adorable Shelter Dog…Salvador Dolly!

An insanely adorable puppy is breaking the internet with her “handlebar mustache.” Dallas rescue group Hearts & Bones took this heartbreaker in along with her litter mates. They were transported to Texas from New York and Instagram users are absolutely smitten with her and her uncanny facial fur.

The group cleverly named her Salvador Dolly, which only makes our hearts smile harder. She is still a nursing pup so she and her litter mates are being fostered until they are weaned. The group thinks that they will be ready for adoption in late August. They are planning to place her and her siblings in homes in NYC.

Rescue & Bones has been seeing some serious activity on their Instagram page since Dolly’s photos hit the web. She and her ‘stache are going viral, with media outlets everywhere picking up the story. The group even had a t-shirt designed in her honor to help bring awareness to the rescue group and the pups they hope to place in forever homes.

If you are interested in applying to adopt Dolly or any of the other fuzzy wuzzies available with Rescue & Bones, check out their adoption process.

Featured Image Screenshot Hearts & Bones Rescue

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