Frightened Dachshund Lost Three Days Follows His Nose Home

If only recovering a lost dog when you spot one was as simple as scooping them up and bringing them back home. The truth is, running towards a frightened lost dog can often make the situation worse. The dog might bolt or even lash out. Sometimes you have to get creative, and you especially have to be patient.

That’s what a family in the UK had to do when their poor puppy fled their farm. Floyd, a seven-month-old Dachshund, ran from his home in Middleton Tyas when another dog’s barks frightened him.

Fern Holmes, his mom, worried about her tiny baby being out in the cold, alone. She asked her community for help online, and they delivered. Holmes told The Northern Echo what a team effort locating the missing Floyd was.

“The amount of people who shared the post and all my friends and family who were out looking for him and strangers ringing and asking where they should go and search was unbelievable.”

Cameras And Barbecues

The Lost Dog Trapping Team provided the worried family and helpful neighbors with some invaluable advice and guidance. The Lost Dog Trapping Team is a group of volunteers committed to finding and returning local pups.

Rita Humphries via Facebook

The family and volunteers set up cameras around the farm. At one point, Floyd appeared on one of them, but then there were no sightings for a few days. They left food and water out for him, but worried he’d never come back.

“By that point I thought we’re not going to find him – this is a dog who normally sleeps on a bed under a duvet, he’s only seven months old and I thought, how could he survive out there? Particularly with how cold it’s been, especially on a night.”

Following The Smells

The couple whipped out some bacon and cooked it on disposable barbecue grills, hoping the smell would attract Floyd. They also brought their other dog along thinking Floyd might recognize his scent too.

Finally, a farmer spotted Floyd from his tractor. The family created a scent field to draw Floyd towards them.

Screenshot, Mandy Butler via Facebook

Then, at last, they spotted the tiny dog from down the field. He saw them too, but wasn’t sure if it was really his family. No one approached, not wanting to startle the frightened Floyd.

“Before he finally came over it was pretty traumatic and emotional but it was amazing he came back. I just wanted to run over and get him but I knew how scared he must have been so we just sat waiting and hoping and praying that he would recognise us and come back to us.”

Screenshot, Mandy Butler via Facebook

Eventually, Floyd seemed to understand. He began to pick up speed, heading towards them as they calmly called. Finally close enough to recognize his family, Floyd lost it with excitement.

Screenshot, Mandy Butler via Facebook

He began to yelp and squeak, ecstatically licking everyone and wagging his tail like crazy.

Screenshot, Mandy Butler via Facebook

You really have to see the emotional reunion for yourself (and hear those tiny whimpers!) You can watch it here.

Fortunately, Floyd’s family had some great support behind them. Holmes had nothing but praise for volunteer Mandy Butler and The Lost Dog Trapping Team.

“Mandy was amazing. Her advice was incredible – I wouldn’t have thought to have barbecues – and putting the cameras out and everything. She’d even suggested putting a drone up and it is all for free because they are volunteers. They are amazing.”

Fern Holmes via Facebook

Floyd’s collar will now be equipped with a tracking device, just in case. Thankfully he’s back to being a duvet-napping indoors pup.

Mandy Butler via Facebook

Here’s to the power of community and the smell of bacon!

H/T: The Northern Echo
Featured Image: Fern Holmes via Facebook

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