Grateful Dog Rescued From The Meat Trade Reaches Down And Shakes The Hand of His Rescuer

A powerful image came out from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, showing a volunteer shaking the hand of a rescued dog. A truck filled with dogs en route to Yulin Festival was intercepted by volunteers from animal rescue groups in China who were working with China Animal Protection Power and Humane Society International. Some traditions that are harmful towards animals are now coming under scrutiny and we see a greater effort now to reverse the tragedy.

The volunteers were able to rescue over 1,400 dogs who were being brought to the festival and with the image it brings hope to all concerned that we can bring about change. All the rescued dogs were placed with adoptive families and now have forever homes or are in shelters as shared by Raul Arce-Contreras of Humane Society International.

It is unthinkable, in a greater part of the world, that a festival like this still exist to this day and a shift in the tradition can only be achieved when we all work together to make a difference. Let us continue to educate and advocate for the end of this festival. Let us make this handshake a permanent one for the dogs in China!

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