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Hemp for Dogs with Stress: 5 Products To Help Calm Down Your Pup

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on March 8, 2023

If you’ve found this post, you probably have a dog witha stress problem. No judgment and no shame; it’s not uncommon these days.

Modern life hasn’t only proven stressful for humans, it affects our pets, too.

Many dogs we know suffer from separation fear when their humans go to work or when they simply leave for a quick errand. And how many countless pups still have lingering stress after being rescued? 

If you already are a pet parent to an anxious dog, you know how heartbreaking it can be to watch. 

It’s also often difficult to know what course of action to take. Training can only go so far, and vet visits get super-pricey and usually involve equally-pricey pharmaceuticals. 

Luckily, you don’t have to put your four-legged friend on doggy Prozac (hopefully) to help them get relief from stress.

Best Hemp for Dogs with Stress Problems

How Can Hemp Help Stress in Dogs?

According to multiple studies, Hemp has been shown to be highly effective at relieving stress symptoms in humans. Now, Hemp is being safely incorporated into pet products that can help calm dogs’ nerves and contribute to their overall wellness.

We’ve read literally hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from pet parents who say Hemp has changed their dog’s life for the better, and we think Hemp is a fantastic way to give your dog legal, all-natural plant medicine to help them lead better lives.

While Hemp has multiple applications besides stress — like sleep health, anti-inflammatory, and more — we wanted to find the best Hemp products for dogs specifically with fear issues.

Best Hemp for Dogs with Stress

Here’s what we found when we took a good look across the market landscape. These are the best Hemp products for dogs with stress that we could find, based on our list of criteria.

1. Editor’s Pick: Penelope’s Bloom Stress + Stress Bundle

Penelope’s Bloom scores the Editor’s Pick for their highly effective, highly affordable Hemp bundle that caters to dogs with stress. It’s well-reviewed and well-stocked with 3 different hemp products: Hemp tinctures, Hemp balm, and Hemp dog treats. Each is specially formulated with hemp oil and all-natural, calming ingredients to help your dog both ease their stress and improve their overall wellness.

We especially recommend this bundle for pet parents with multiple dogs at home, as you can choose your dosage based on weight for each Hemp product.

(If you want to try something even more unique, Penelope’s Bloom also makes a delicious Hemp Infused Peanut Butter that helps to calm nerves and stress.).

The hemp oil tinctures contain organic hemp, MCT oil, and chamomile to increase calming effects. You can squirt these directly in your dog’s mouth (this is the best way to make sure they get all of it) or pour onto their food or treats.

Next up is the soothing Hemp balm that you can apply to the paws, nose, and elbows. It’s really great for keeping dogs comfortable when they have skin irritations. 

And finally, we really love the Hemp dog treats. They’re organic, and the supporting ingredients make them really effective. Penelope’s Bloom throws in valerian root, l-theanine, and some more chamomile to help Fido chill and rest. Dogs and owners can’t get enough!


  • Best value for your dollar
  • 3 Hemp products in 1
  • Relaxing effect
  • All-natural ingredients to promote calm
  • Great for multi-dog homes


Each Dog Stress & Stress bundle contains 1 bottle of Hemp pet tinctures w/chamomile, 1 jar of soothing Hemp pet balm, and 1 bag Hemp dog treats for stress & fear. The Hemp dosage for each product in the bundle is based on weight: small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

You can select an individual Hemp dosage for each product, so if you have more than one dog, you can cover everyone in the house or give a gift to a friend.

What pet parents have to say:

Multiple dog moms and dads explain that the Hemp products in this bundle, taken both individually and in tandem, have made a big impact on symptoms of separation stress and fear of thunderstorms/loud noises. Plus, you save 20% BEFORE any other promotion versus buying all 3 separately!

Buy Now!

2. Best Tasting: Cannanine Hemp Soft Chews for Stress

Cannanine’s bacon-flavored Hemp soft chews are game changers for canines who deal with stress. 

The hemp soft chews for stress were formulated by a licensed veterinarian, with an impressively simple list of ingredients. Just powerful Hemp oil and a few other plant-based items, save the natural bacon flavor.

Speaking of the flavor, dogs love these treats! Based on reviews and our personal experience, dogs gobble them right up. That’s not something that always happens with Hemp dog treats, as their recipes can often still leave quite a hempy taste.

In addition to stress relief, dogs are experiencing other natural benefits courtesy of Cannanine’s soft chews. We saw reports of decreases in aggression, improved mobility, and better sleep from pet parents. All good things. 

Your dog’s weight will determine the dosing with these treats, as with all hemp supplements for pets. Each Hemp stress softchew by Cannanine contains 5mg hemp, and each jar contains 60 soft chews. According to the brand, that makes 1 jar a 60-day supply for small dogs, a 45-day supply for medium dogs, and a 30-day supply for large dogs. 

Last thing — each time you buy with Cannanine, they donate to a local shelter, and we think that’s totally pawsome, especially with such a small company. Cannanine continues to innovate and inspire in the Hemp space for dogs with their passionate team. It’s no wonder their reviews are off the charts.


  • FREE shipping
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Donation to needy pets with every purchase
  • Amazing reviews


Each jar contains 60 Hemp soft chews, and dosage is based on weight.

What pet parents have to say: 

Out of over 400 verified online reviews, Cannanine’s Hemp soft chews for stress currently hold a 4.9 out of 5 score, making them one of the most well-reviewed on our list. Pet parents have a bit of everything to say, with dogs of all ages and issues responding well to these Hemp soft chews. It seems dogs enjoy the taste, too!

Buy Now!

3. Best Value: The Anxious Pet Calming+ Kit

One of the reasons we love The Anxious Pet is that they literally formed an entire company to address pet stress. The natural way, of course. Their Calming+ Kit contains 3 powerful Hemp products and a list of impeccable ingredients, most of which are certified-organic.

Another reason we dig The Anxious Pet’s Hemp products is that they’re formulated by real veterinarians. This goes a long way in getting effective combinations of ingredients that can really zap dogs’ stress with natural medicine.

Speaking of ingredients, dog parents everywhere can take one look at the ingredient lists in this bundle and see the quality. There are no scary animal byproducts, no artificial flavors or colors, just pure, nutritious, plant-based goodness. 

The Anxious Pet includes all their stress-targeted dog products in this Calming+ Bundle. You can use the Hemp oil tinctures by applying directly in the mouth or squirting on food. The Hemp calming treats and the Hemp bars can be given to your dog anytime of day. As with all Hemp products for dogs, dosage is based on weight, so larger dogs will require more. The Anxious Pet provides dosing charts on all their Hemp supplements to help guide you through the process.

The Anxious Pet offers FREE shipping on all orders, and you already save almost 40% by buying this bundle versus the individual products. This makes it a fantastic value for regular canine users and multiple-dog households.

Finally, we really like how The Anxious Pet gives two types of Hemp dog treats in this bundle. The Hemp dog treats and the Hemp bars contain different calming ingredients, making it a great way to see which works for which dogs. For example, the Hemp soft chews contain tryptophan, l-theanine, and melatonin, whereas the Hemp bars have St John’s wort with a totally different flavor.


  • FREE shipping
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • 3 Hemp products in 1
  • Perfect for multi-dog homes


Each Calming+ Kit comes with 1 400mg hemp oil tincture, 1 jar of Hemp dog treats, and 3 packets of Hemp bars.

What pet parents have to say:

We saw glowing testimonials from owners of dogs of all ages who’ve experienced relief, and people really love the high-quality ingredients. Lots of reviews come from pet parents of rescues and older dogs who are stoked about the results.

Buy Now!

4. Most Potent: HolistaPet Hemp Dog Treats for Stress

One of our favorite Hemp brands for pets to review was HolistaPet, who takes up the potency level with their Hemp dog treats. You can select your dog’s dosage level, choosing between 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg Hemp per treat. These options are great for helping you find your dog’s ideal Hemp dosage, especially for dogs with severe wellness issues.

HolistaPet’s Hemp treats were created specifically for dogs with stress — they pack a punch and can be taken anytime stress strikes. When taken regularly, many dogs experienced more than just stress relief, including mobility improvement and an overall increase in well-being. In short, they’re a holistic remedy that works!

Each Hemp dog treat contains a special blend of 20 milligrams hemp (0% THC), l-theanine, and chamomile. All three of these natural compounds have been studied heavily for their calming effects. The result is a potent mix that’s helping dogs live a better life everyday.

If that sounds dramatic, it’s because it is: the verified online reviews we saw for HolistaPet’s wonder treats are extremely compelling. It looks like many pet owners are grateful to find this affordable, natural way to help their four-legged children live better. 

These Hemp dog treats for stress really pack a punch, so be sure to refer to the dosage guide provided on the packaging. As with humans, start low and go slow until the desired effects are achieved. What you want is that ‘sweet spot’ where you can see tangibly that your pup’s symptoms have greatly improved at the lowest possible amount of hemp. Although your pet can’t overdose on Hemp, it’s definitely recommended from a financial standpoint to keep your monthly supplement costs low.


  • Compelling reviews
  • Pack-a-punch potent
  • All-natural, organic ingredients
  • Vegan


Each bag contains 30 Hemp dog treats. Choose dosage level between 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg Hemp per treat.

What pet parents have to say:

If we have one word to sum up the verified reviews for these calming treats, it’s this: compelling. We seriously were almost moved to tears from some of the stories, especially those with rescues and older dogs. Looks like they’re really making a difference in quality of life.

Buy Now!

5. Best For Hyperactive Dogs: Reggie Anytime Calming Hemp Dog Chews

The last product on our list doesn’t have Hemp in the ingredients, but we gave it an honorable mention because frankly, it belongs in the discussion. Reggie has ingeniously combined calming botanicals in a tasty treat that dogs like to eat and that owners approve of. Their anytime calming treats promote fear and stress relief that you and your dog will see and feel.

Each treat contains a generous helping of l-theanine to help induce relaxation and calm the nervous system. Also included are magnolia and phellodendron bark extracts. If you’ve never heard of those before, you’re not alone (we hadn’t either). Turns out that like chamomile, both bark extracts have been shown to have naturally calming effects.

Judging by user testimonials, the innovative combo of ingredients is working. We noticed that specifically, more than any other calming dog product we reviewed, hyperactive dogs respond well to these treats. Hyperactivity is common in certain breeds, and it can also be a symptom of fear. 

Dogs under 25 lbs can take 1 treat per serving. The serving size for 25 to 75 lbs is 2 treats. And for dogs over 75 lbs, it’s 3 treats per serving. Start at the recommended dosage from Reggie and then slowly increase if you need to.

Reggie recommends that dogs that have recurring stress problems take 1 serving everyday for about 1 month. For stressful situations like a vet visit or the 4th of July, have your pup eat their treats about 1 hour before the event, so the calming botanicals have time to be digested and absorbed. 

For any dog that’s struggling with stress, Reggie’s anytime calming chews are the natural antidote to promote peace and stress relief. We also think pet parents of hyperactive dogs ought to give this one a closer look, as it’s the best-reviewed for hyperactivity of all options on our list.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Great for separation stress
  • Dogs love the taste
  • Well-reviewed for anxious breeds


Each jar contains 60 dog chews.

What pet parents have to say:

Pet parents of the more anxious, hyperactive breeds describe these calming chews as life-changing. We saw a ton of glowing testimonials from owners of terriers and golden doodles specifically, but it looks like dogs of all breeds and sizes are experiencing high-impact benefits.

Buy Now!

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How We Picked Our Favorite Hemp For Dogs With Stress

We want the best for our dogs, which means we’re going to scrutinize any supplement we give them. Hemp is no exception, and in fact, these types of hemp products actually deserve more scrutiny. 

Luckily, we’re super-familiar with both the Hemp space and the pets products market and easily developed a list of criteria to pick our favorite products for pups with stress:


Hemp comes from the hemp plant which must be cultivated, harvested, and processed to make it. The raw material is put through an extraction process and voila! Hemp oil.

But the reality is that you can make Hemp cheaply using synthetic seeds and chemical fertilizers. You can also buy inferior products made from Asian imports grown under who-knows-what conditions.

Thus, for the sake of our pups and yours, we required each brand to use Hemp grown and processed in the US. We also looked for organic practices like foregoing pesticides and promoting sustainability. Finally, each brand must use a non-toxic extraction method, like ethanol or CO2, to procure the Hemp included in their products.


Anyone that uses Hemp in any pet product should be conducting regular testing for purity and safety with an independent laboratory. To qualify for our list, they had to take it a step further. We required that all brands provide a current Certificate of Analysis for pet owners to view before they purchase. You can find these on the product pages or on the testing pages of each brand’s site.

It’s important that all Hemp oil is tested for purity and contaminants. Purity ensures that there is indeed the amount of Hemp included that the company advertises. It also shows you how potent the Hemp oil is. Contaminants panels ensure the products are safe for your dog to consume, free from toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents.


We stuck to our guns by requiring all-natural ingredients. Though we didn’t require organic, most of the options on our list contain certified-organic items. 

Another thing we kept our eye on was efficiency and research. Do the active ingredients actually work? Have the ingredients been studied to have calming effects? To make our list, the answer had to be yes.


You can easily drain your savings trying to find supplements that will actually work for your dog. We wanted to eliminate that struggle by making sure the Hemp supplements on our list work. We determined efficiency by exploring our own histories with our dogs and Hemp from brands on the list. And importantly, we poured through verified online reviews to see what pet parents are actually saying about each.

Mission-driven brands

Last, we narrowed the field by only going with mission-driven brands. Each of the companies on our list is somehow engaged in giving back to the canine community. You can see this reflected in charitable donations, volunteer work at shelters, and more.

What is Hemp?

Hemp comes from a plant species known as Cannabis sativa, and is cultivated specifically for medicinal or industrial use.

Unlike THC, hemp will not get humans or animals high as it contains less than 0.3% of THC — aka it has no psychoactive effects on those who consume it. For this reason, hemp is sought after as a natural remedy for many health issues.

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

While you may sometimes see labels marked for “hemp oil”, you may also sometimes find products that contain “hemp seed oil”. 

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant, or more specifically, the stalk of the hemp plant. It tends to be a thick substance that’s high in essential fatty acids and is used to treat skin conditions, like eczema. Hemp oil contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and is high in vitamins A, B, and E as well as tons of antioxidants. It does not contain any other cannabinoids. For dogs, hemp seed oil can be used to support a healthy skin and coat.

Benefits of Hemp for Dogs

Dog owners use Hemp for a variety of issues, including:

  • Separation stress
  • Sleep health
  • General fear
  • Mobility issues
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Aggression
  • Hyperactivity

How to Choose Hemp for Dogs

There are different forms of Hemp that you can give your dog, from Hemp oils to Hemp-infused treats.

Here’s a quick look at some of the popular:

Hemp Tinctures for Dogs

Hemp tinctures are a common delivery method for dogs. Hemp tinctures come in a small bottle with a dropper. The most effective way to give your dog Hemp tinctures is to squirt them directly in the mouth for maximum absorption. If you can’t do that, drizzle on top of food. 

Hemp Balm for Dogs

Hemp balm is a great way to soothe local aches and pains as well as calm skin irritation. Top brands today make Hemp balm specifically made for dogs, to apply on the pads, paws, ears, nose, wherever it’s needed. Hemp balms usually include other natural ingredients good for the skin, so they’re great for animals that get hotspots and other irritations.

Hemp Dog Treats

Perhaps the most popular Hemp product for dogs, Hemp dog treats make taking a supplement tasty and fun. Hemp dog treats will contain a certain dose of Hemp per treat — usually 5 to 10 mg — and you can find them in vegan options. 

Other Hemp Edibles for Dogs

We’ve seen other Hemp edible products for dogs out there, including Hemp peanut butter and Hemp bars. The sky’s the limit, as long as pups will actually eat them, of course. 

Benefits of Hemp for Your Dog

While we’re mainly discussing Hemp’s positive impact on stress for dogs, there are other ailments that Hemp may help with for your pup, including:

  • Hemp’s anti-stress properties can help soothe your dog’s nerves for vet visits, separation stress, thunderstorms, and more.
  • Hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory, making it an effective way to relieve pain without a prescription and without making your pet woozy. 
  • This all-natural compound is non-psychoactive and will not get your dog high.
  • Hemp is great for mobility and joint pain; great for aging dogs.
  • Hemp can help regulate the circadian rhythm and promote healthy sleep cycles.
  • Hemp is great to help naturally relieve stress in multiple-dog and multiple-pet homes.

How Much Hemp Should I Give My Dog?

First and foremost, check the Hemp dosage instructions included with the Hemp product. The manufacturer’s recommended dosage is always the best place to start.

Remember that Hemp dosage for dogs is always based on weight, but if you’re ever confused, you should reach out to your veterinarian to find the best dosage for your pup.

No pet parent wants their dog to suffer through gut-wrenching fear. Thanks to Hemp, there’s a natural way so that they don’t have to. Hemp is available for dogs in a few different forms, the most popular of which are Hemp dog treats, Hemp tinctures, and Hemp balm. 

Whichever you choose, be sure your Hemp product comes from a vetted brand and that it has glowing reviews for efficiency. Cheers to the mental health of your pup and dogs everywhere!

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