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Horribly Abused Pit Bull Puppy Is Recovering And Awaiting Forever Home

DISCLAIMER: Some readers may find pictures and videos in this story to be disturbing. Please continue with that in mind.

In the early-morning hours of February 23, a 9-month-old Pit Bull was found tied to a fence by her muzzle in Philadelphia. She was taken to a Philadelphia animal shelter, and her name, Emerald (Emmie for short), was on a list of dogs scheduled for euthanasia that was emailed to Outcast Rescue. The rescue immediately came and got her and took her directly to Crown Veterinary Specialists in Lebanon, New Jersey for emergency treatment for the infection on her face.

Beth Hucke, a board member of Outcast Rescue, is currently fostering Emmie and graciously took some time to talk to us about Emmie’s journey. She told us that when they first saw Emmie:

“Her wounds were horrid. Her muzzle was opened up completely around and down to the bone. She had a large laceration to the back of her head where whatever was tied around her muzzle was also tied up there. There was pus just falling on the floor as it was oozing from her face and the smell was room clearing. The swelling and infection took over a week to clear out.”

Crown Veterinary Specialists put Emmie on antibiotics and performed the first surgery on her muzzle. Emmie was then taken over to South Branch Veterinary Services (SBVS) in Lebanon, NJ, Outcast Rescue’s usual vet, for further treatment. More dead tissue and infection was removed, and wet and dry bandages were alternately placed on the wound to draw out even more of the infection.

According to Hucke, in the month since Emmie has been rescued:

“She has had 4 procedures and that should be it outside of getting spayed. As far as her face, there should not be any long-term effects. She still does have a soft tissue injury to her front leg and still has a slight limp. We are addressing that with massage and supplements since her X-ray was clear.”

Emmie is still recovering from her horrific ordeal and will be ready for adoption once she has finished the healing process.

“Emmie just had her sutures removed on Monday. She is still healing and we are getting ready to schedule her to be spayed…She is one of the best dogs we have ever fostered. She is happy, lovable, and playful. She loves playing with the other dogs and then enjoying sleeping in bed with us at night.”

The Pennsylvania SPCA has opened an investigation into who tied Emmie to the fence, but they are lacking in evidence. There is a $500 reward for anybody who comes forward with information that leads to the arrest of the person who abused this sweet dog.

Anybody who is interested in adopting Emmie needs to be at least 21 and live within 2 hours of the Lehigh Valley, PA area. You’ll need to start by filling out an application at

Hucke would like to add:

“Emmie’s story is just one of so many across the country. As rescuers, we need to be the voice for dogs like her. We need stronger punishment for animal abusers. Emmie holds no grudges despite the horror she went through. We should all learn a little something from her.”

If you’d like to donate to Emmie’s extensive medical bills, check out her YouCaring page. Learn more about Outcast Rescue, who saved Emmie’s life, here. To learn more about South Branch Veterinary Services, which handled most of Emmie’s medical care, check out their website.

(H/T: My Central Jersey)


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Written by Jennifer Nelson
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