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How Much CBD Should I Give a 120 lb. Dog?

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on August 30, 2023

The use of Cannabidiol (CBD) in pets is gaining widespread acceptance as an alternative treatment for a variety of conditions, from anxiety to chronic pain. This article aims to shed light on the appropriate dosage of CBD for a dog weighing 120 pounds.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD offers a multitude of benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief, and reduced anxiety. It’s a non-psychoactive compound, which means it does not produce a ‘high.’ However, like any other treatment, the efficacy of CBD relies on proper dosing.

Recommended Dosage For A 120 lb. Dog

The recommended CBD dosage for a dog weighing 120 pounds is 24 mg.

Note: Start with a smaller dose than the recommended amount and closely monitor your dog’s reaction. If you do not observe the desired effects, consider increasing the dosage by 20-30%.

Types of CBD Products Available

Various forms of CBD products for dogs are available in the market:

  • CBD Oils: Most flexible for dosage adjustments and can be administered directly or added to your pet’s food.
  • CBD Treats: Convenient, but make sure to check the CBD concentration.
  • CBD Capsules: Suitable for dogs that may not like the flavor of CBD oil.
  • CBD Topicals: These are for external use, usually for conditions like skin allergies or localized pain.

Factors That Influence CBD Dosage

Several factors could influence the amount of CBD your dog may require:

  • Age: Older or very young dogs might metabolize CBD differently.
  • Health Conditions: Existing ailments may influence how your dog responds to CBD.
  • Other Medications: If your pet is taking other medicines, consult your vet for possible interactions.

How to Administer CBD

The method you choose to administer CBD to your dog could impact its effectiveness:

  • Direct Oral Administration: Generally the most effective but can be challenging if your dog dislikes the taste.
  • Added to Food: Easier but might reduce bioavailability.
  • Topical Use: Mostly for localized conditions.

Monitoring the Effects and Making Adjustments

It’s crucial to monitor your dog after administering CBD. The effects might not be immediately evident and could vary from one dog to another. Should the initial dosage prove ineffective, consider slowly increasing it by 20-30%, but only after discussing it with your vet.

Importance of Veterinary Consultation

Always consult a veterinarian before introducing any new treatment to your dog’s regimen. A vet can provide tailored advice and closely monitor your pet for any potential side effects or medication interactions, ensuring a safe and effective treatment.

Possible Side Effects

Although CBD is generally safe, some dogs may experience mild side effects such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite

If you notice any unusual symptoms, consult your veterinarian promptly.

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The standard guideline recommends a CBD dosage of 24 mg for a 120 lb. dog. However, starting with a smaller dose and gradually adjusting is advised. Always remember to consult your veterinarian for personalized guidelines, especially if your pet is taking other medications or has specific health concerns. This careful approach ensures the safety and effectiveness of CBD as a treatment option for your pet.

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