Hungry Boy Desperate For Crisps Is Foiled By Narrow Train Seats

From the moment Huxley the Golden Retriever laid eyes on the bag of Walkers Supreme Prawn Cocktail Crisps sitting on his mom’s tray table, he had a goal. Huxley was going to get his paws on those crisps one way or another.

Huxley’s human, a London-based photographer named Ursula, regularly posts photos and videos of her two beautiful Goldens (Huxley has a brother named Hugo). She shared these hilarious pics of her tenacious dog attempting to acquire some of her crisps on a train ride to Instagram.


Huxley’s Various Attempts At Snack Apprehension

The key to acquiring the tasty snack was through use of the little gap between train seats. That gap is just big enough for him to stick his snout through.

At first, Huxley started with a simple sweet-faced begging approach. Shockingly, that didn’t work for the cutie. So, he had to go in a different direction.


That’s when the teeth came out. Unfortunately for Huxley, his threatening teeth-baring isn’t actually all that threatening. It’s just too funny and cute.


The next few photos show Huxley extending his long tongue in the general direction of the snack he’s after. Alas, the gap between the chairs now proves to be limiting for him. There’s only so much of his face he can fit through it.


Sadly it seems, from the photos at least, that none of these approaches ended up landing Huxley a crisp. It’s okay, he probably doesn’t need the sodium anyway.

Here’s a video version of the events on the train that day that shows a more detailed breakdown of Huxley’s attempts to earn some chips:

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Would You Give Huxley Your Snack?

“Would you share your snacc with him?” Ursula’s caption on the photo poses. Since the video and photos of Huxley’s unsuccessful attempts to steal chips went viral, commenters admitted they would totally give in.

“For the love of god feed that good boy a snack!!!!!!! – @jlwalstien via Instagram
“Snacc???? I already gave him my heart.” -@aayam_shourya via Instagram
“My snacc? I’d give him the keys to my car and the pin to my cards 🤣😍” -@daniellebruce18 via Instagram
Regardless of your answer, you simply must respect this dog’s persistence. For more photos and videos of Huxley (and his also adorable brother Hugo) follow @hugoandursula on Instagram.

Featured Image: Instagram

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