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Istanbul Mall Opens Its Doors To Shelter Homeless Dogs During Snow Storm


Istanbul got quite the snowfall this past weekend and temperatures were uncomfortable for many. Aside from its people, though, the city has a homeless dog population of an estimated 150,000. That’s a lot of dogs to sleep alone in the harsh, wet weather. We hate to imagine how cold they were. Fortunately, however, we don’t need to worry about that. Many dogs were able to find the warmth and comfort they needed.

One of Istanbul’s local malls decided to open its doors to the homeless pups during the snow. Volunteers went into the Atrium Mall in Bakirkoy, bringing blankets and food for the stray dogs. They helped them stay safe and fed during the storm. Volunteers were pained to leave the dogs at the mall, but they did their best to make sure the pups were sheltered from the environment. One individual documented the dogs on their Imgur account, and the photos clearly show how happy the dogs were to have somewhere to stay.

Not always bad things happen in Istanbul 

It’s great to know that there are good people looking out for homeless animals all over the world. Stray dogs are in every country and they deserve to have food, shelter, and veterinary care. Hopefully, one day, we won’t have to worry about animals living on the streets anymore because they’ll be comfortable in the homes of their human families.

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