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Check Out The Swankiest Boarding Facilities You’ve Ever Seen

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
Dina Fantegrossi is the Assistant Editor and Head Writer for HomeLife Media. Before her career in writing, Dina was a veterinary technician for more than 15 years.Read more
| Published on September 2, 2016

55% of Americans leave at least some of their vacation time unused each year. In many cases, the worry and expense of leaving their pets behind plays a role in that decision. If you’re anything like me, you experience a feeling of guilt every time you walk out the door and leave your pups behind – even if it’s just for a few hours.

Image Source: K9 Resort


The people behind K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel can relate. That’s why they created 7 facilities across New Jersey and Pennsylvania with amenities designed to make dogs feel like they are on vacation or spending the day at a luxury spa when you can’t be with them.

Image Source: K9 Resort


K9 Resorts have set themselves apart from the competition by designing their facilities with the needs and wants of dogs in mind, not just the profits. There are three “hotel room” styles to choose from – luxury suites, executive suites and traditional cage style boarding.

Image Source: K9 Resorts


The luxury suites are cage-free 8′ x 8′ rooms with soundproofing and glass privacy doors. They are decked out with luxurious decor including Kuranda bedding, TV’s tuned to Animal Planet, and windows for afternoon squirrel watching.  These suites are great for families with several dogs or those who love to spoil their one and only pooch.

Image Source: K9 Resorts


The executive suites are a bit smaller – 5′ x 7′ and do not have outdoor windows or TV’s. The traditional cage-style boarding suites are still a cut above the rest with plexi-glass doors instead of bars. This type of boarding is great for puppies working on potty training or dogs who feel more secure in cozy spaces.

Image Source: K9 Resorts



No matter which room option you choose, your dog has the option of several daily group activities or 4 private playtime sessions with the staff. Each is also treated to a complimentary salon bath with Les Pooch premium dog shampoo for any stay 2 nights or longer.

Image Source: K9 Resorts


Each K9 Resort location features an outdoor courtyard that is fully fenced for playtime safety or just a bit of quick relief. The antimicrobial astro-turf is disinfected regularly, helping to ensure a healthy environment.

Image Source: K9 Resorts


Professional designers developed the indoor and outdoor play areas to engage dogs in exercise and socialization. With the pups who visit each day for doggy daycare, there is never a shortage of new friends to frolic with.

Image Source: K9 Resorts


Animal-loving brothers and  pet sitters since childhood – Steven and Jason Parker – founded K9 Resorts in 2005 and have watched the business explode ever since. They believe in paying their success forward and have been honored by local law enforcement and city officials for their charitable contributions.

Image Source: K9 Resorts


K9 Resorts have been rated #1 by several New Jersey publications and is patronized by more animal professionals than any other boarding facility.

If you are lucky enough to live near one of these exceptional dog resorts, consider sending your pup on vacation with K9 Resorts the next time you plan a trip – even if it’s just to the grocery store!


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