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Pet Sitting Or A Boarding Kennel: Which Is Better For Your Dog?

The hardest part of planning a vacation isn’t picking the perfect hotel or finding cheap airfare—it’s deciding what to do with the dog. You wish you could take them with you, but a vacation destination isn’t always the best place for your pup. When you’re going somewhere your dog can’t follow, you have to decide whether to send them to a boarding facility or trust a pet sitter with that important part of your family. It’s not an easy decision … Read more

The Largest Dog Hotel In The World Is Everything Your Dog Dreams Of

Complete with private rooms, comfy beds, a swimming pool, and a 24/7 live feed, the AtFrits Pet Hotel and Daycare Centre in Cape Town, South Africa is unlike any pet boarding facility in the world. Gone are the days of chain-link kennels and sad dogs pining for their owners. This all-animal hotel has 56 dog rooms and 32 cat rooms. It’s thought to be the largest pet facility in the world, and pet people are lining up for a chance … Read more

Two Dogs Die Of Heat Stroke While Boarding At Pet Resort

July in Tampa, Florida brings temperatures over one hundred degrees. Lucky Dog Day Care and Resort supposedly requires the dogs in their care to be brought inside by 11 AM. But that did not happen this past Saturday during the busy Fourth of July weekend. As a result, a four-year-old French Bulldog named Porscia passed away after being found in the facility’s outdoor area around 12:15 PM. The cause of death: heat stroke. Porscia’s body temperature was 109 degrees.   … Read more

Domestic Abuse Survivor Reunites With Her Dog Just In Time For Christmas

Fear of leaving their pets behind is one of the most common reasons victims of domestic abuse cite for remaining with their abusers. Many shelters are working to alleviate this stress by creating pet-friendly facilities, but unfortunately, the woman we will call “Nicole” in this post did not have that option when she needed it.   Thanks to the generosity of the Lincoln County Humane Society and several online donors, Nicole has been reunited with her little dog just in … Read more

Check Out The Swankiest Boarding Facilities You’ve Ever Seen

55% of Americans leave at least some of their vacation time unused each year. In many cases, the worry and expense of leaving their pets behind plays a role in that decision. If you’re anything like me, you experience a feeling of guilt every time you walk out the door and leave your pups behind – even if it’s just for a few hours.   The people behind K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel can relate. That’s why they created 7 … Read more

What To Look For In A Pet Sitter

Leaving your pet behind when you go on vacation can be stressful. Worrying about whether or not your best friend is being taken care of properly can actually ruin your time off work. The key to a stress- and worry-free trip without your pet is picking the right pet sitter. In honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week, we wanted to give you some tips on selecting a pet sitter that’s right for your pet. Certification – Do They Have it? … Read more