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Lost Dog Gets Adopted By New Family While Old Family Still Searches


Rizzo is a blue and white Pit Bull with a sweet face and friendly disposition. He was raised by Stacy Bauer and her husband since he was a young puppy, but he recently got out and became lost. He’s been missing since January 19th and his human family has been frantically searching for him since. Bauer and her husband are having a difficult time living life without Rizzo and they’ve followed every lead they had to find their missing pup. Flyers were distributed and social media websites utilized.

What’s odd, however, is that Rizzo ended up at the PSPCA from February 15th – 19th. Although Bauer and her husband didn’t physically look at the PSCPA for Rizzo, they did report him as missing in the hopes that he would arrive at the shelter somehow. He did, expect he was listed as an owner surrender and not a stray or found dog. Because of this, the shelter didn’t make the connection and didn’t realize that this dog was Rizzo.

Rizzo as a puppy. Image source: Stacy Bauer | ABC News

According to ABC News, the PSPCA named him Ben Ben and placed him up for adoption. Not surprisingly, the adorable pup stole the hearts of new humans and he was adopted out to them. When Bauer was looking on their website one day, she saw the PSPCA’s post about a newly adopted dog. What she saw shocked her – the picture of the newly adopted dog was Rizzo!

Rizzo and Mr. Bauer. Image source: Stacy Bauer | ABC News

She reached out to the PSPCA and the shelter is desperately trying to get into contact with the new owner. They feel terrible about adopting out a dog that already had a loving home and their priority is to reunite Rizzo with is original family. They state that Rizzo didn’t have a microchip, which would have greatly increased the chance that they contacted Bauer and her husband when he came in. Stacy Bauer understands and has no hard feelings towards the adoptive family, but asks that they please return him home.

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Written by Katie Finlay
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