Loveable Pitbull Made Amazing Recovery With Help From You And

It may be hard to believe now but Buddy’s life changed the day he wandered into someone’s yard. Buddy was emaciated and his paw pads were bloody. It was evident that Buddy hadn’t known a good life. He was severely malnourished and flinched whenever anyone tried to help. It was safe to assume he had a heartbreaking life of abuse and neglect. His bloody paws suggested that his previous owner had heartlessly dumped him in a rural area, probably with hopes that he would never be found. But, Buddy is a survivor and refused to let evil people bring him down.

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An Unbreakable Spirit And A Love For Ice Cream

Buddy was brought to Toledo’s PET Bull Project where they strived to show him that life could be filled with love and belly rubs. Remarkably, it didn’t take long for Buddy to settle into his new and improved life. He made a full recovery and has opened his heart to trust humans again. Buddy made an incredible physical and emotional recovery that couldn’t have been done without high-quality pet food that was donated by’s Rescue Bank. Buddy never has to worry about another meal again! He’s now at a healthy weight and even enjoys some well-deserved treats every once in a while. He even likes getting his own ice cream cone!


“The ability to have donated food on hand for these dogs is undeniably the only reason we can help boys like Buddy. Between medical costs and neuter, we can barely make ends meet, so having food on hand and not having to have that added expense is a lifesaver,” said a representative from Toledo’s PET Bull Project.

The rescue says Buddy is still looking for his furever family. He is full of love and personality! Buddy loves long walks and dressing up in funny costumes- anything he can do to put a smile on someone’s face! He looks particularly dapper as a cowboy and he’s ready to party with his pirate hat and lei!


Storytime, Leashes, And Training- Oh My!

Toledo’s PET Bull Project aims to prevent cruelty and dog fighting. They also try to educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. The rescue hopes to enable dog parents to advocate for their furbabies no matter their breed. Toledo’s PET Bull Project also goes above and beyond by partnering up with the Humane Society of Ohio to provide dog food assistance to families in need. In addition to all of that, the rescue provides pet safety classes, dog training, grooming, and assistance with leashes and collars! Oh, one more thing. They also have the Pawsitive Reading Program that allows children to read to one of their Canine Good Citizen certified dogs. Whew- that’s a long list! This rescue is truly amazing!



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