Nervous Stray Puppy Springs To Life When Her Terrified Mom Is Rescued

Dogs who have lived on the streets their whole lives are often the most nervous and fearful around humans, even if they’re only puppies. However, they deserve love and comfort just as much as any other dog.

In a video posted on “Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel” on YouTube, a puppy named Lucy was living as a stray. When humans saved her, she was terrified and wary, but she eventually realized that people could be kind and loving. Yet, shortly after rescuers took her in, they learned that Lucy’s mom was also a local stray.

Stray puppy with mom

Two Scared Strays

When rescuers found Lucy, the pup refused to let humans touch her or approach her. She accepted food, but she would run off whenever they tried to get close to her. Eventually, one of the women was able to scoop the puppy up, but Lucy remained frozen in fear even when she arrived in a comfortable foster home.

After a few days, Lucy opened up to her foster mom and became more affectionate, but she was still a little reserved. After posting Lucy’s rescue video online, someone reached out to the channel to let them know that Lucy’s mom lived in the same area where the pup had been found. So, the same rescuers decided to save Lucy’s mom and reunite the two of them.

Scared puppy in foster home

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Lucy’s mom was friendlier than the puppy, but she was still understandably nervous. She let rescuers pick her up, and they named her Rozy. They brought Rozy to the vet, where they learned that she’s 8 to 10 years old. Sadly, she tested heartworm positive, so she will need to take it easy as she goes through treatment.

Once Rozy’s vet checkup was over, her rescuer brought her home so she could see her puppy again.

Puppy sitting on chair with mom

Lucy and Her Mom Reunite

Like Lucy, Rozy was very nervous in a home setting. She wasn’t used to the luxury and comfort. When Rozy’s rescuer sets her down in the video, Lucy is curled up in a bed nearby, watching curiously. At first, Lucy stays in her bed with her tail wagging, but she doesn’t seem brave enough to approach the new dog.

Then, when Lucy smells something familiar, she cautiously walks to Rozy. Once she gets close enough, she starts going crazy. Lucy jumps around and even climbs underneath her mom as her tail flies all over the place. There’s no doubt that Lucy recognizes her mother.

Puppy cuddling her mom

At first, Rozy doesn’t seem thrilled about the energetic puppy, but eventually, she finds comfort in the familiar face. Instead of sleeping in their separate dog beds, the two adorable canines cuddle up together. Soon, sleeping in the same bed becomes a heartwarming habit for this mother-and-daughter duo.

These two dogs are now inseparable, and they will be put up for adoption once their foster mom thinks they’re ready. If possible, they will go to the same forever home so they can feel more confident in their new surroundings.

Watch the Emotional Rescue Video Here:

Featured Image: YouTube

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