Officials Search For Woman Dragging And Kicking Dog In Horrific Video

WARNING: Topic, images, and video may be sensitive to some.

Laredo Crime Stoppers in Texas were on the lookout for a woman whose actions are unforgivable. She’s seen on film abusing a dog, but her identity and location were unknown at first. Officials needed all the help they could get to put an end to this cruelty, so they reached out to the public for information about the situation. Luckily, a tip helped them in their search.

What Happened?

A woman was spotted with her dog, supposedly in the San Eduardo area. An anonymous bystander recorded a video of the woman, which showed her grabbing the dog by the arm and dragging him away. The dog appeared visibly upset as his butt scraped against the pavement.

Image: Screenshot, @laredocrimestoppers/Facebook

After a few seconds, the woman harshly dropped the dog. Then, the video ends with her kicking the pup, which seems to be an unprovoked action. The video is only a total of 12 seconds long, but it was enough to leave animal lovers begging for answers.

Councilman Alberto Torres Jr. shared this information with the Laredo Crime Stoppers in an effort to catch this woman. Then, officials turned to Facebook to ask the public for any information on this case. Animal cruelty is a punishable and unforgivable act, so this woman needs to pay for what she did to this sweet, innocent dog.

Was the Suspect Found?

Only a day after posting about the incident, Laredo Crime Stoppers received information on the suspect. The woman in the video was a 16-year-old whose case was presented to Webb County Prosecutor’s office. They charged her with animal cruelty and transported her to juvenile.

Image: Screenshot, @laredocrimestoppers/Facebook

Thankfully, the dog in the video is in good condition and is currently under the city’s custody. While the dog has no physical injuries, he appears to be emotionally traumatized by the experience. But now, he’s safe from the person who hurt him.

Officials plan to hold an intervention with the woman in the video. They are unsure if she has more animals or not, so they need to find out this information so they can save all the animals if needed.

Animal abuse is never okay, so it’s important that anyone involved in cruel acts like this one are always punished. If you witness animal abuse or animal neglect, please don’t hesitate to report the person. You could save an animal’s life by doing so.

Watch the Shocking Video Below:

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Featured Image: Screenshots, @laredocrimestoppers/Facebook

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