Orphan Kittens Nurse On Dog Who Starts Producing Milk Just For Them

Female dogs have amazing maternal instincts. We’ve seen female dogs with such strong maternal instincts that they even adopted other animals. Just like this Labrador who took care of this orphaned deer, and this dog who took care of a family of guinea pigs!

Here’s another sweet dog who adopted animals outside her species. This Boston Terrier named Memory just adopted a couple of orphaned kittens. These kittens were rescued from the woods, they were just a week old and they were cold and wet. Memory used to be scared of cats, but when she saw the poor orphaned babies, she began cuddling with them, and started caring for them. Her maternal instincts were so strong that she started producing milk for the orphaned kittens. Watch her nursing the kittens in the video below!

Isn’t she sweet? She’s very protective of the kittens too. She nurses them, cleans them, and carries them around like a real mother would do!

You can read the whole story about Memory and her adopted orphan kittens at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/28/boston-terrier-kittens_n_6556546.html

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