Parents Build Special Gift For Dog Whose Favorite Toy Is A Door Stopper

Meet Farley: an Australian Shepherd with simple tastes. She has no use for tennis balls, squeaky toys, or plushies. Oh no. Farley’s favorite toy is a door stopper, as in the springy metal piece in your house that prevents you from flinging your door into the wall.

Farley has loved playing with the door stopper since she was a puppy. It’s one of the traits that charms her parents and her many fans on social media.


Farley will pounce and bark and play with this little doohickey forever. She really gets so excited by this simple mechanism, as you can see in the videos of her playing with the stopper.

Unlike other dog toys, however, a door stopper can’t be moved from its one location. So, Farley’s parents came up with a clever idea.

Best Gift Ever

Farley’s parents decided to surprise her with the most perfect present for Christmas. Inspired by their dog’s love of the door stopper, they realized they could maximize the fun by building a special toy for her.


They went out and purchased some wood and some loose door stoppers. Then they carefully designed a box outfitted with a multitude of door stoppers attached to the outside. The inside of the box can be used to store other toys if she decides she’s ready for one of those instead.


With this newly invented item, Farley’s one door stopper was upgraded to 25. They even color-coded the stoppers, creating the letter ‘F’ with black door stoppers in the center.

This inventive “toy” is Farley’s actual dream come true. The day her parents revealed the gift to her, Farley just about lost her mind with joy.


For extra safety, the couple also provided their pup with goggles so she won’t accidentally whack herself in the eye.


This labor of love really paid off, with Farley absolutely adoring her new toy and fans loving her reaction as well. Videos of Farley playing with her new door stopper box have been viewed millions of times.

More About Farley

Because of her favorite toy, you’d expect Farley to be quite the homebody. Actually, the dog has outdoor adventures with her mom and dad all the time in their Canadian homeland.


Farley was adopted as a puppy in 2020. You can watch her grow and play with door stoppers on her many social media accounts: @justbeingfarley on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Featured Image: TikTok

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