People Share Hilariously Sweet Stories About “Their Dumbest Dog”

It all started with a simple tweet prompt from user @edsbs: “Please tell me about your dumbest dog.” Thousands of likes and retweets later, we ended up with tons of hilarious stories about silly, clueless, and lovable dogs.

You don’t need to give a dog lover much before they launch into one of their many tales about the pup. This thread contains so many hilarious replies that you’ll probably have to check it out for yourself. But to make things a bit easier, here are just a select few of some of the best stories about “dumb” dogs and their goofy antics.

He chewed a hole in the grill cover and then got stuck in it.”


“My dog Frank got stuck between the toilet and the wall. We had to remove the whole toilet from the floor to get him out.”


“Do you have all day?”


“My dog picks up her frisbee in the middle so it covers her eyes and then she freaks out because she can’t see. Just drop it silly!”

“Stares at walls.”


“My old, dumb dumb of a dobie would hear a mosquito or house fly, and run into the bathroom and jump in the tub to hide. He hated baths yet he must have hated the terror that was tiny little insects more.”


“Hercules apparently tried on my underwear while I was in the shower… and then couldn’t get them off…”


“Cousin’s Labradoodle somehow consists of 2 out of the 6 ‘smartest’ breeds”


“Literally this morning tried to poop on an incline and then got so distracted by the poop rolling down the hill that she fell over”


“He is sad because I put hot pepper paste on the OUTLETS because he keeps licking them. New apartment. New dog trick”


“This is Mellie. She can walk up stairs, but not down them. She can jump on the sofa, but not off it. She is terrified of carpet, but tries to attack our 75lb pit bull daily. Wearing a collar makes her legs stop working.”


“She thinks the stuffed one is real. She brings it socks and chewed lamb ears”


Some Honorable Mentions That Didn’t Come With Photos

Even without adding a photo of their less than genius pups, some used their 280 characters to do some storytelling:

“Went to mass on Xmas eve. Left a honey baked ham on a counter. The dog ate it. The ham was so salty he got thristy and drank all the water, from his bowl and the toilet bowls. The ham gave him diarrhea. The water made him have to pee. We came home to a warzone.” – @RobDauster via Twitter

“I had a lab and a pug for a while, and that pug would walk under my lab while he was p*ssing, (in the danger zone no less) and he’d lift his head and look up. He did this at least 3 times, and every time he’d look at me afterward with the confused ‘I got peed on” face.’ So dumb.” -@clfdfinest via Twitter

Our dogs may stick their heads in too small places or eat things they shouldn’t, but every stupid thing they do makes another memory to look back on and laugh.

Featured Images: @muskies34/Twitter, @KevinMcD54/Twitter

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