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Photographer Creates “Timeless Memories” Of Dog’s Joyful, Adventurous Spirit

Boxers are known for their adorably goofy expressions, and one photographer has been able to capture her pup’s many faces on film!

Tamás Szarka is an amateur photographer who lives in Hungry. And her beloved muse? Six-year-old Strawberry, a silly, fun, happy-go-lucky Boxer pup! She told iHeartDogs that she started taking pictures of her dog in order to keep a “timeless memory” of her joyful, adventurous spirit.


“Strawberry is not a pet she is my family,” Szarka said. “She is 6 years old but still a clown, exactly the same that she was as a puppy, she has never grown up. Her playful nature and boundless energy bring so much happiness to my life.”


And as for the origin of this pup’s adorably unique name?

Actually, her name is Szamóca in Hungarian language, which means Strawberry in English. My friend’s Boxer dog was named Málna, Raspberry in English, and I liked it.”

That’s as good a reason as any! And since the word “strawberry” brings to mind a fresh, sweet summertime treat, we think it’s the perfect name for this jubilant girl!

All picture have been reprinted with permission from Tamás Szarka via her website.

Check out a few more gorgeous (and hilarious!) pictures:










Special thanks to Tamás Szarka for letting us share these amazing shots. To find out more, visit:

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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