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Pizza-Loving Pooch Begs So Often, His Collar Asks People Not To Treat Him!

| Published on September 24, 2019

Pizza. It’s the convenient comfort food that is beloved by virtually every human in every city and country in the world. What’s not to love? Cheesy, bread-y, gooey goodness piping hot right out of the oven? Yes, please! Turns out, pups are pretty fond of pizza too, even if it’s not a food that should be a regular part of a dog’s diet.

You may have seen the viral video that was making the internet rounds a while back with the dog who only responds to the word pizza. Say his name, nothing. Ask him to go on a walk, he ignores you. Whisper the word pizza from the other room and he comes running, ready for a bite.

Another Pizza Loving Pooch

A veterinary medicine student in Mexico City loves pizza, too. She goes by Estrella CR on Facebook, which is Spanish for Star. She picked up a hot slice for lunch one day and sat at a stool to enjoy her meal. She couldn’t help but notice a rather large dog who situated himself directly across from her through the pizza shop window. He laid down and started staring, communicating that he needed her, pleading with her to help a puppy friend out.

Credit: Estrella CR Facebook

His stare was so intense that she started to wonder if something was wrong. Maybe he was lost and needed help. Being an animal loving future veterinarian, she decided to take a closer look. When she approached the dog and read his collar, she burst into delighted laughter. The tag on his collar read:

No me des pizza. Gracias. Translation: Don’t give me pizza. Thank you. 

don't feed me pizza
Image Estrella CR Facebook

Estrella CR posted the encounter on her Facebook page and got quite a bit of attention because of it. She said in her post, “Este lindo perrito era super gordo y quería que le diéramos de comer pizza, pero oh sorpresa !!!! En su placa del collar decía eso alv XDDDD
Pobre perrito comelón, se quedó con las ganas 😂”

In English, “This cute puppy was super fat and wanted us to feed him pizza, but oh surprise!!!! On his tag of the collar it said don’t give me pizza. Poor little dog, he stayed with the desire 😂”

El Jefe on a Strictly ‘No Pizza’ Weight Loss Plan

Apparently the pizza loving pooch is 10 years old and goes by the name El Jefe. He has a long history of begging pizza from kind hearted diners. His human owns a store on the street and told Buzzfeed that El Jefe has put on weight because he eats too much pizza, hence the custom “no pizza” tag for the pizza obsessed pup.

El Jefe, we feel ya’ bro. There’s nothing like a slice of pie to keep the hungries at bay. Cheers to the cheat days when we get our hands (or paws) on a hot slice. And enjoy this YouTube video of the aforementioned dog who selectively hears the one and only one word: pizza.

Featured Photo: Estrella CR Facebook


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