Police Dog Forms Unbreakable Bond With Two Dolphins

Mako the police dog puts on a brave face whenever he’s fighting crime. He’s skilled at what he does and he’s an incredible team member. But, like all good heroes, he also has a soft side.

When he’s not catching bad guys, Mako is all about making friends. He loves meeting humans and other dogs, but recently, he befriended some rather unusual creatures too. Mako’s two new best friends are dolphins, and he doesn’t mind that they’re a little different. He just loves them for who they are!

Police Dog Mako
Image: @WA.Police/Facebook

Dog Meets Dolphins

The Western Australian Police Force recently posted an adorable video on social media of Mako with his new friends. The brave police dog hung out at Swan River, curiously looking into the water. To his surprise, two sea creatures were swimming beneath him.

When Mako got a closer look, he realized that his two new friends were dolphins! He leaned in further to get a better look. The two dolphins swam back and forth over and over again, and Mako couldn’t take his eyes off them. They looked excited and playful, but they probably wondered why Mako wasn’t hopping in to swim with them.

Dog looking at dolphins
Image: Screenshot, @WA.Police/Facebook

The video is just over a minute and fifteen seconds long, and Mako never loses interest in the dolphins even for a second. When they swim past him, he follows. If they make splashes, he looks closer. It’s clear that he wants these entertaining creatures to be his new best friends, but he simply doesn’t know how to properly act around them.

Friends Forever

Over 6,000 people reacted to the video of Mako and the dolphins. Many of them commented, talking about how wonderful dolphins are and how adorable this interaction is. It’s unclear if Mako has hung out with his new companions since then, but if it was up to him, he certainly would!

Police dog and dolphins
Image: Screenshot, @WA.Police/Facebook

As it turns out, Mako even has an aquatic name. “Mako” means “shark” in Maori. It’s also the name of two shark species: the Shortfin Mako and the Longfin Mako. So, this sweet police dog is probably meant to be near the sea. It only makes sense that he would fall in love with dolphins.

Hopefully, Mako and his dolphin friends will be able to reunite in the future. Their friendship proves that our differences shouldn’t stop us from getting along with others.

Watch the Adorable Video Here:

H/T: unilad.co.uk
Featured Image: Screenshots, @WA.Police/Facebook

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