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Lava Bead Rainbow Bridge Bracelet: Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs In Loving Memory of Your Dog


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Our furry babies are a constant source of joy, laughter, and wonderful memories. This bracelet is a perfect reminder of those great times together. The arrangement of colored stone beads mimic the arch of a beautiful Rainbow Bridge, where your beloved pet eagerly waits for you. Each color of the rainbow (7 in all) represents one meal provided for a shelter dog through RescueBank in honor of your beloved pup!

Lava Bracelet = 8.6″ stretchable elastic – one size fits most

All Beads are made of natural stones

Black lava bead is made of volcanic lava rock
Red bead is made of red agate stone
Orange bead is made of orange jade stone
Yellow (tiger eye) bead is made of tiger eye stone
Green bead is made of green aventurine stone
Light blue bead is made of blue jade stone
Dark blue bead is made of blue lapis lazuli stone
Purple bead is made of purple jade stone

Paw and heart charms are made of zinc alloy

» 7 Colored Rainbow Beads: Symbolizes the Rainbow Bridge, where beloved pets eagerly wait for the reunion with their owners.
» 1 Heart Bead: Symbolizes your journey of life together, and the piece of your heart they took with them.
» 1 Paw Bead: Represents your beloved pet waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
» Black Lava Beads: Symbolizes the earth and our journey through this world with our furry friends.

Quantities Extremely Limited, Please Don’t Delay Ordering!

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This product feeds 7 shelter dogs! Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


Bracelet a bit large for my wrist but loved concept. Easy ordering and quick receipt of product. Will be wearing daily. By: Chlorina


It's a little big, but good. By: Ashley


Love the idea of the Rainbow Bridge beads By: Marla


Rainbow Bridge beautiful gift for a friend who has lost a beloved pooch. By: Steven


Very special bracelet. Wear it with love every day. ?? By: Darlene


Love this in memory of my Buddy. Also ordered one for my sister. Might buy another later for someone else. By: Candy


My wife loved this bracelet. By: Sherman


This is gorgeous & very well made! By: susan


Love it! By: Ann


No comment entered by customer. By: Beth


My daughter loved her rainbow bracelet By: Barb


Love this! By: Janet


No comment entered by customer. By: Tammy


I love this bracelet!! It looks great. It runs a bit larger than most of the bracelets I have gotten from other sites. I love having this reminder of my dogs who have walked across the rainbow bridge. By: Heather


No comment entered by customer. By: Ann


Beautiful.............. By: Michael


Very nice looking, anxious to give as a gift and anxious to wear By: Pamela


Love the semblance of the rainbow bridge. For my chihuahua who passed in 2014 and I miss her so. By: Mari


Nicely made. They are perfect for pet lovers who have lost a beloved family member. By: Kathryn


Overall very nice. This is truly ideal for an adult, however this was too big to fit my young nieces' wrists. Please consider making a smaller size to fit a child that is also grieving for a lost pet. By: Kris


No comment entered by customer. By: Vickie


This is by far my FAVORITE bracelet!! So comfy and love the Rainbow Bridge references. By: Vickie


Beautiful bracelet. By: Rachel


Beautiful & Very Good Quality By: Karli


No comment entered by customer. By: Julia


The band was a little bigger than the others that we received so it was too big for my daughter. It’s still beautiful though. By: Jeweleen


Love this bracelet I bought 2 as a gift. By: Page


Nicely made and it provides a visual reminder of my journey with my beloved pet. By: Kathryn


Love getting an explanation of the colors, beautiful bracelet and nicely done. By: Rhonda J


Bracelet great By: Lynne

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