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RECALL: Popular Petsmart Brand Dog Food Recalled For Excessive Amounts Of Vitamin D

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on August 14, 2021

Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company is voluntarily recalling 51,000 packages of their Simply Nourish pet food – a popular brand sold at Petsmart stores. The recall comes as tests show that the food contains higher levels of Vitamin D than allowed. High levels of a vitamin may not sound like a big deal, but too much Vitamin D can affect your dog’s ability to absorb Calcium and Phosphorus, and could be deadly in extreme cases. Thus far, Wet Noses says that no illnesses have been reported among their consumers, however, they are still recalling in hopes that their product will not cause any harm. They advise anyone who has bought any of the recalled items to stop feeding them immediately. 


The affected products were sold in 2 and 4.5 lb. packages and in different recipes. Wet Noses says that the issue comes from a vitamin mix obtained from another supplier who did not alert the company to any issue with their product.

“The recall was initiated after a routine nutrition test confirmed elevated Vitamin D levels on certain Simply Nourish frozen food products. Subsequent investigation indicates the problem arose as a result of the vitamin mix dosage being significantly reduced by the vitamin mix manufacturer, and this change was not detected or properly communicated. As a result, the dosage was not reduced. We care deeply about our customers and their pets, and have put corrective actions into place to ensure this issue does not reoccur.”

The affected packages of Simply Nourish Fresh Market Adult Gently Cooked Frozen food are:

Product Name Net Wt UPC Best by range
Simply Nourish Frozen Chicken & Veggies 2lb 73725792262 11/10/2022-1/12/2023
Simply Nourish Frozen Chicken & Veggies 4.5lb 73725792264 11/10/2022-1/12/2023
Simply Nourish Frozen Beef & Barley 2lb 73725792266 11/10/2022-1/12/2023
Simply Nourish Frozen Beef & Barley 4.5lb 73725792267 11/10/2022-1/12/2023
Simply Nourish Frozen Turkey & Sweet Potato 2lb 73725792260 11/10/2022-1/12/2023
Simply Nourish Frozen Turkey & Sweet Potato 4.5lb 73725792263 11/10/2022-1/12/2023
Simply Nourish Frozen Pork & Veggies 2lb 73725792079 8/26/2022-1/13/2023
Simply Nourish Frozen Pork & Veggies 4.5lb 73725792078 8/26/2022-1/13/2023

If your dog has eaten any food from any of the affected packages, keep an eye out for any signs of Vitamin D poisoning. You may notice:

  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • increased thirst
  • increased urination
  • excessive drooling
  • weight loss

If you have any concerns, see your veterinarian immediately.

Vitamin D is a common culprit behind dog food recalls. A similar issue occurred on a much larger scale in 2018 and 2019 when multiple companies including some extremely popular manufacturers had to pull several brands after using a vitamin mix with excessive amounts of Vitamin D from a common supplier. At the time, several dogs had become ill. Thankfully, the Wet Noses company is pulling their product early.

Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company produces several other products – but only the packages Simply Nourish food listed above have been affected by this recall.

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See the FDA announcement regarding this recall at



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