Rescue Dog Hilariously Invents His Own Agility Routine At Crufts Dog Show

The world famous Crufts Dog Show just celebrated its 127th year. A very different show than it was in 1891, it now features working dogs and rescue dogs alongside traditional show dogs.

Baron Kratu von Bearbum is one of the fabulous pups that participated in the Rescue Dog Agility event. Described by owner, Tessa Eagle Swan as “a natural clown,” Kratu decided to put his unique stamp on the course and create his own routine.

The resulting footage became instant internet gold with more than 7 million views on the Crufts Facebook page!

Watching this award-winning agility dog toss his training by the wayside in favor of a fanciful frolick reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes we all need to stray from the set course and freestyle a bit!

Despite his carefree demeanor, Kratu had a difficult start in life. Rescued from a “dangerous camp where the dogs were beaten and starved” when he was just a few weeks old, he began training with the behavioral team at Wood Green after being adopted by Swan.

Kratu excelled at agility and much more, winning Best in Show at UK events, Pup Aid and Dog Fest. He now serves as an assistance dog for Swan and has performed therapy work with elderly patients suffering from dementia.

Thanks for all your hard work, Kratu and for making us smile with your delightful antics! Don’t change a thing, we love you just the way you are!

Featured Image via Facebook/Baron Kratu Von Bearbum

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