Rescued Senior Chihuahuas Get Married Following Their Retirement

True love has no age. That’s what senior Chihuahuas Feliz and Machu Picchu want to tell the world. They’ve been on this earth for a long time, but they recently got married despite their age. Now, they’re enjoying the newlywed life in style!

The two Chihuahuas live at the Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home in Pennsylvania, which is a hospice and sanctuary for senior dogs. The sanctuary is dedicated to making these rescued dogs feel whole again. Clearly, it’s working out for Feliz and Machu Picchu, who look like a very happy couple.

Chihuahuas in love
Image: Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home Facebook

Love at First Sight

Feliz and Machu Picchu arrived at the retirement home separately, but they had an instant connection. Some would even describe it as love at first sight. So, Happy Tails decided to celebrate the two dogs’ connection by throwing a small wedding.

The beautiful bride Feliz arrived at Happy Tails after being hit by a car. She was supposed to be put down due to her extreme medical conditions, but the organization knew she had life left in her. They took her in and gave her a safe space to heal.

Image: Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home Facebook

Machu Picchu, the groom, was surrendered to Happy Tails when his human could no longer care for him. He has terminal fibrosis while Feliz has terminal cancer and heart disease. Yet, neither dog lets their conditions hold them back. They get to live out their best lives every day at the sanctuary.

Machu Picchu
Image: Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home Facebook

The Most Adorable Wedding!

Happy Tails didn’t hold back when it came to this perfect wedding. The dogs wore adorable outfits and got to spend lots of quality time together. They even had adorable balloon decorations that said, “xoxo.” The organization hired photographer Kristen Kidd to capture every moment.

Senior Dog Wedding Cake
Image: @kristenkiddphotography/Facebook

Feliz wore a tiny white wedding dress complete with a veil and flowers. Machu Picchu showed off the most handsome dog tuxedo in the world. Then, the two newlyweds shared a delicious dog-friendly cake together. They’re licking their lips in most of the photos, and they seem to be overjoyed with each other’s company.

Now, Feliz and Machu Picchu will get to live out the rest of their lives in the safety and comfort of the sanctuary. Best of all, they’ll be with each other every step of the way. These two lovebirds prove that you’re never too old to fall in love. So, you should always live life to the fullest no matter what your age is.

Chihuahua Wedding
Image: @kristenkiddphotography/Facebook

Featured Image: @kristenkiddphotography/Facebook

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