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Smart And Stubborn Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Taking His Medication

| Published on June 21, 2015

One of the struggles of having a dog is when they get sick. We love our dogs so much, it breaks our hearts to see them in pain. So no matter what the cost, we give them the necessary medications and the best care to alleviate the pain and cure whatever illness they have.

But in giving medications, we get to deal with another kind of struggle. The struggle of successfully administering the medication to our stubborn dogs. And who could blame them? Needles hurt and medicines taste awful! So we think of clever and creative ways to trick them in to taking their meds; like hiding the capsules in their favorite food!

But the Rottweiler in the video below is too smart for that trick! Brutus the Rottie has arthritis, and his dad has tried all the tricks in the book to make him take his meds. He pretends to swallow the meds, but he spits it out when dad is not looking! In the video, Brutus is playing dead instead of swallowing his meds! Check it out!

Brutus is very stubborn and very smart! And he’s so adorable too!

Luckily, his dad found a solution to trick Brutus into swallowing his meds. According to the comments in YouTube, he got Brutus some Skippys extra crunchy peanut butter! He puts the pills in it and he gobbled it right up! Hopefully he won’t discover the pills in the peanut butter like he did the last time when his dad hid them in hotdogs!

What do you do to make your dog take his meds? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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