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Sneaky Dog Shows Family Why You Shouldn’t Leave Steak Unattended

| Published on March 16, 2022

If you have a sneaky, food-motivated dog, you’ve probably learned not to leave people food unattended for too long. Not everyone learns that lesson right away though, as one hilarious viral video shows.

A Vivint home security camera captured the moment a dog took advantage of his humans’ turned backs. In front of three people, this crafty pup stole and gobbled up an entire steak.


“Umm, Didn’t We Have 3 Steaks?”

The security video clip, posted to Reddit, shows three people preparing for dinner in a kitchen while two dogs wander around. These people are apparently so wrapped up in their conversation that they don’t even see the dogs jumping up to the counter to sniff the three steaks resting on a cutting board.

While the humans chat, a dog grabs one of the steaks and chows it down in seconds. The people just keep on talking as if everything’s fine. They have no idea what their dog just got away with.

A little later, one of the men even stands directly in front of the cutting board with his back to the remaining steaks. Only then does he nudge one of the dogs away from the counter.


Finally, a full minute and a half into this video, the man closest to the steaks notices that they’re one short. At last, the three start to wonder aloud, “Where’s the other steak?” In a moment of realization, one of the men looks directly at the dogs and says, “You m*ther*f***er.”

“That’s not possible, it was massive,” the woman exclaims in the video.

After it’s a little too late, one of the guys finally moves the cutting board away from the kitchen island. Meanwhile, the dog wags his tail, happy as a clam (or a dog who got a whole steak to himself).

Watch the entire clip below:

Food Stealing: Funny, But Risky

This dog is particularly sly. Still, many people on Reddit were shocked that dog parents could be so oblivious to their canine’s mischievous ways. Commenters chimed in:

“It’s like they haven’t seen an animal around food before, they’re absolutely blind.” – u/Zestyclose44

I have never seen three more oblivious people in my life.” -u/Trendscom

“Must be why they need a security camera in their kitchen lol,” – u/SCP-Agent-Arad


This video is hilarious, but it does bring up an important point: not all table scraps are safe for dogs to eat. This dog is fine after eating the steak, and most beef is fine for dogs to eat (without seasoning or sauce), but many other foods could cause illness.

Get this free Toxic Foods Refrigerator Magnet to remind yourself what could be dangerous for your dog.

For tips on how to stop your dog from begging or stealing food, read this.

Featured Image: Reddit

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